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Roaming India: Rates and how to avoid it

If you want to know more about the roaming India service, here you can find everything related to the important info peoplen must have!

Julio O.

October 28, 2023

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If, by any chance, you intend to travel to India and you want to stay connected while you’re there, then you probably have thought about using roaming India as your alternative. There’s a lot for people to know regarding this option, as the roaming service might not be what everyone thinks it is!

Nowadays, there are other alternatives better than roaming when it comes to traveling. The thing is, not everyone knows what to expect from these alternatives. Some don’t even know these alternatives exist. So, today we’ll discuss everything related to the roaming service and the alternatives offered to travelers!

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What is a roaming service?

As said before, roaming services are quite popular among travelers. That’s an undeniable truth. Before different alternatives arrived on the market, the roaming offered by cellular providers was the best option for travelers to stay connected, no matter where they went. In this case, we are talking about roaming India.

The thing with the roaming service is how expensive it can end up being. This is something, not everyone has pretty clear, but roaming services can cost a lot of money. Even though this can vary from one operator to another, it is something common to see nowadays.

There are different cellular carriers offering roaming services, but most of them tend to charge around $1 to $15 when it comes to consuming cellular data. Want to know more about this? Let’s make a comparison of the different rates available in the market to use the internet in India!

Comparison of roaming rates in India

Comparing all the providers available to travel to India and their roaming services could be tiresome. For any regular person, this cake take a good deal of time, but for us is something easier to do, and that’s why we have a roaming India comparison rate that people can look at!

Cellular provider – RateCost (in US dollars/MB)
Holafly eSIM card$44/6 GB
Vodafone$6 per day
Three$3 per MB consumed
Rogers$15/10MB or $15 with Roam Like Home
Table N°1 Comparative table of roaming rates in India by the cellular provider and Holafly data eSIM.

Knowing this can help people understand how much they need when it comes to traveling and using these services abroad. It is also necessary to keep in mind that there are other things to mention these companies, so let’s get into that.

Roaming in India by Mobile Provider

For people wondering if they can get to know how much all the companies charge, not only for cellular data but for everything else, it is something possible to do. Let’s talk about the details of each one of these companies.

Roaming in India with AT&T

There are different ways for consumers to use AT&T while abroad, but one of the favorite alternatives for customers is to use the pay-per-use option, which has different rates.

  • Calls: $3 per minute.
  • Send texts: $0.50/message
  • Send pictures and videos: $1.30/message
  • Internet: $2.05

How to activate it

When activating the roaming from AT&T, two different methods work for a SIM and virtual SIM card USA. Customers can choose the one they prefer, as they are both easy to manage. The first method is through a phone call. People need to dial 611 and activate the roaming service.

As for the International Customer Service, which is the second method, people would need to call them and ask for the roaming to be activated!

Buy your virtual chip or Holafly prepaid India eSIM and enjoy your data.

Roaming in India with T-Mobile

The second alternative is T-Mobile. Compared to other cellular companies, they offer the roaming India service differently. To get the roaming service, consumers need to have a certain cellular data plan which will provide 5 GB of cellular data while traveling.

  • Calls made: $0.25/min.
  • SMS: $0.50 per text.
  • Internet: $60-85/data plan.

How to activate it

People need to do two things before using T-Mobile roaming. First, they need to dial #RON# to activate the service, but they also must activate the roaming option on their “Mobile/Cellular Data” menu.

Roaming in India with Verizon

Let’s get with Verizon now. In this case, people simply need to focus on the roaming rates they offer, as there aren’t other alternatives when it comes to this service.

  • Calls made: $1.79/minute
  • SMS: $0.50.
  • Internet: $2.05/MB.

How to activate it

For people to use the roaming from Verizon, the only thing they will need to do is to activate the “Roaming” option located on the “Mobile/Cellular Data” menu.

Roaming in India with Vodafone

When it comes to using Vodafone, it is a must to know they offer roaming services in separated areas. In this case, India is located in Zone D, which means people have to pay $6 per day to use this service without limitations.

How to activate it

For people using Vodafone, there’s only one thing to do through the “My Vodafone” app. Once Customers have downloaded and installed the app, they will need to go to the “International Roaming” menu and choose the destination they are visiting.

Roaming in India with Three

Three is another provider from the UK. In this case, they offer roaming services in fewer countries than Vodafone. Gladly, India is on the list of countries that their customers can visit without needing to worry about Three not working there, but the rates are slightly different.

  • Calls made: $2/minute
  • SMS: $0.35.
  • Internet: $3/MB.

How to activate it

Three keeps things pretty simple for people. Once travelers are connected the India cellular coverage area, the roaming will become available right away.

Roaming in India with Rogers

Rogers is the final alternative on our list. This company has the highest roaming rates in the comparison list, so let’s check what they offer.

  • Call: $3 per minute
  • Text: $0.75 per text
  • Data: $15 per 10 MB or $15 per day with “Roam Like Home.”

How to activate it

The process for activating the Rogers roaming is quite simple. Like other cases, people need to activate the “Roaming” option located in the “Mobile/Cellular Data” menu of the device travelers are using.

Alternatives to roaming in India

After discussing the roaming options available to those interested in India, it is time to move on and mention the other options provided to those visiting that country.

There is no question that the cost of roaming services is an important topic that has influence when deciding what service to take. The pricing of the options from our list is helpful, as they are less expensive than the roaming in India service, and that’s what travelers need.

eSIM for India

The first choice we have is eSIMs, which are increasingly common for young travelers. They have evolved into a better option for tourists who choose to save some money and who want to reduce the amount of time it will take them to use a service of this kind.

People can use their eSIMs in more than 170 different locations thanks to companies like Holafly. India is, of course, on the list of countries that are accessible to individuals who want to go for Holafly eSIM as their cellular provider while visiting the different India hotspots!

Unlimited data eSIM for India
International travel eSIM for India. Source: Holafly.

Another unmissable alternative to avoid roaming when we travel to various destinations are regional data plans such as those offered by Holafly in its Asian prepaid eSIM.

Prepaid SIM card

Prepaid SIM cards are another choice that is quite similar to eSIMs. They have previously existed and are still in use today, but the eSIM has surpassed them in popularity due to how quickly technology is developing. This is the greatest global alternative for people who use older technology on their devices.

Some people could even attempt to use a local cellular carrier from the many available in India. The fact is that while achieving this may be challenging for some, it is not impossible.

Free WiFi in India

Free WiFi hotspots can be found in various locations when people are traveling. But as we are talking about India, probably the different WiFi hotspots aren’t such a viable option for travelers to use.

These free hotspots aren’t always accessible, which is the main issue when it comes to using this service. There may be free WiFi in hotels, restaurants, and other establishments, but if customers leave the area, they’ll move too far from the connection and end up without a WiFi signal.

People must keep in mind that these connections are not secure, especially in India. Try to limit your use to what is strictly necessary and avoid providing or entering any personal data when using free WiFi.

Free WiFi in India: Alternatives

If you choose to use a free WiFi connection, you might want to consider using certain apps that can help you locate a trustworthy hotspot. It’s fantastic to know that there are some apps available to help with this task.

For this instance, the greatest choices for travelers in this situation are applications like WiFi Finder or WinMap. Try to download them ahead of time and take advantage of what they can provide you if you decide not to use the roaming India services.

Pocket WiFi in India

The final option we will explore is pocket WiFi devices. They are undoubtedly a wonderful choice for people who like to stay “old-fashioned” while traveling.  It’s a service that was well-known in the past but is still popular today.

Although simple to rent, these might be somewhat pricey for tourists. So let’s briefly discuss some possibilities that are open to everyone.

Pocket WiFi in India: Alternatives

Let’s talk more about the pocket WiFi alternatives found in the market to see which one is better for people to use.

  • Travel WiFi: Located in Spain, this is one of the most renowned options there. They have a flat rate of $7.95 per day, but this plan only offers 1 GB of cellular data. The company offers delivery to different countries, and the shipping fee might vary from $4 to more than $20.
  • My Webspot: My Webspot is another alternative when it comes to Pocket WiFi devices. They charge $12.43 the day and give 1 GB of cellular data per day. The company also offers delivery service to different countries, which makes it accessible. But it is also important to mention that the company can charge an extra fee if something happens to the device.

Comparison of alternatives to roaming in India

Up to this point, the last thing to do is to make a comparison of the different rates found in the alternatives for traveling to India.

FeatureseSIMRoamingPocket WiFi
Price$44$2.05 up to $15 per MB+$120
Data6 GB1GB per day
Free shippingYesNo
Added costsNoYesYes
Can you share the internet with other devices?YesNoYes
Fee in case of loss?NoNoYes
User friendly?YesNoNo
Table N°2 Comparative chart – Alternatives to getting internet in India

Verdict: the best alternative to roaming in India

Holafly eSIM home
Holafly home website.

It’s time to provide people with what we believe to be the optimal travel option. Everyone can currently determine which service’s most affordable pricing is for the many travel-related services. Compared to the other alternatives available for use abroad, the eSIM has a clear advantage.

People can choose whichever they like, undoubtedly, but it’s reasonable to let them know which is the greatest option for us. The eSIM takes the top spot in the comparison due to the costs and ease of getting one and more.

Hence, if you’re unsure which to use when visiting India, the Holafly eSIM India should be your first choice.

Tips for roaming in India

  • When traveling, attempt to limit how often you use the roaming service. If you always keep it on and are constantly online, on social media or on apps that consume a lot of mobile data, it might cost you significantly more.
  • Remember to keep an eye on how much cellular data you are using when choosing which option you will use to stay connected while traveling overseas.
  • When people travel, some companies frequently offer promotions. Check to see if there are any offers before you leave for a new destination!
  • Certain devices might not work abroad. Make sure your smartphone is compatible with the network bands in the country you are visiting, and keep in mind that an open-band device is preferable when you are on the road!
  • When traveling, using WiFi is a smart idea. Saving money might be beneficial, but avoid becoming overly reliant on it.

After reading everything we’ve mentioned here, readers can choose the best option that fits their needs. What improves it is that there are certain outlined elements for folks to consider that will benefit them on subsequent excursions. We, therefore, wish you well as you choose the best option for traveling, which surely will be the Holafly eSIM!