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Holafly launches eSIM with calling in Europe

Having an eSIM with calling in Europe and data is possible! Discover this new alternative for your travels with Holafly ✈️

21 czerwca, 2023

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The Holafly team has announced the launch of the eSIM with calls included in Europe at no additional cost! Starting Tuesday, June 20, travelers worldwide can purchase eSIM cards with unlimited data and talk-time in destinations like Europe, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany, at the same price as current plans and rates.

In total, the user will be able to use 60 minutes to make calls in destinations with coverage within Europe and an additional 60 minutes to receive calls from anywhere in the world during the term of the eSIM plan chosen.

This new calling plan will feature an Austrian phone number (+43) that Holafly will assign to the user to enjoy in: the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Europe, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

How eSIM works for calls within Europe

Make calls abroad with Holafyl. Source: Pexels

As soon as the purchase of an eSIM for Europe, Spain, Italy, France, or Germany is completed, Holafly will email the user with a guide to install the eSIM on their smartphone and instructions on how to use the new Holafly number.

After following these steps, data and calls will be activated simultaneously for the duration of the previously selected plan. If someone you know wants to call you through the new Holafly line, he/she must enter the international prefix of Austria (+43) and the new phone number you have.

*Please note that calls will not work if you are in any of these destinations: Iceland, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

And if the data and call plan runs out before the end of the period…

With Holafly’s “Top Up” feature, travelers and Holafly eSIM users can top up the entire data and minutes package with the same eSIM. Of course, only when the active plan has reached its usage limit, since Holafly’s plans can’t roll over or accrue.

Holafly’s international eSIM with data and calls in Europe

One of the most important goals for Holafly is to take the user experience to another level. This involves finding innovative solutions that simplify the process of getting data and minute plans for international use.

In this sense, we know that this integration of services in the same eSIM marks an important milestone in developing flexible solutions for travelers to connect and communicate efficiently from their smartphone while traveling in Europe.

This international eSIM with calling minutes in Europe and data seeks to solve several challenges for travelers, among them:

  • Provide online purchase options of an eSIM with unlimited data
  • Include in the data eSIM a plan for calling and receiving calls
  • Assign a phone number remotely via the eSIM
  • Facilitate access to Holafly’s web application to manage the eSIM
  • Offer coverage in multiple destinations in Europe
  • Create online top-up options with the same eSIM


If you plan to travel soon to the European continent and you are reading this news, you already have the best alternative to have unlimited data and calls within Europe with Holafly’s eSIM. The time has come to say goodbye to the days when you had to wait for a physical SIM card to call and connect on your travels.

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