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Best Pocket WiFi for Singapore: How much does it cost?

Get to know everything related to the Pocket WiFi for Singapore and learn everything related to how the service works and how to rent it

30 sierpnia, 2023

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All over the world, there are many beautiful places to visit, and Singapore is one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse. From unique natural landscapes to modern wonders, this country continues to attract thousands of tourists a year with so much to do! And what better way to explore it than by staying connected throughout your stay with a Pocket WiFi Singapore? 

So let’s take a look at what benefits we can get from these appliances. This is important information so that you and other travelers can become familiar with this cellular technology because there are many details to know when wanting to use this service.

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What is a Pocket WiFi?

If you have never heard of Pocket WiFi devices before, there is no need to be worried. The first thing you must know about this service is that it is typically easy to use and available anywhere.

These portable devices can be rented or purchased, with renting currently being the more common option. Many companies offer this service to customers even if other, better-known alternatives are accessible.

For example, when utilizing Pocket WiFi for Singapore, users need to be mindful of many things. Just like they would with any other service. So, knowing this might be useful if you’re getting ready to use one for the first time. Things such as their costs, locations where they may be rented from, and a variety of other things. Let’s move on, though, and see what else we can discover about Pocket WiFi.

How much does Pocket WiFi for Singapore cost?

One of the primary concerns people have before using a new service is frequently the cost. Are the Pocket WiFi for Singapore devices actually accessible for traveling? That’s one of the most common questions that travelers have!

Let’s go ahead and dive into this question right here and how. Fortunately, there are several alternatives, and we can quickly review each to determine the most convenient option currently available. Now let’s talk about prices and general services.

Solis Pocket WiFi 

A device like the Solis is an alternative you might want to consider if you want to get a pocket WiFi for Singapore for your trip. It offers Pay As You Go internet in more than 130 countries, including Singapore. Or unlimited WiFi (speed is throttled when you consume more than 500MB daily). It also comes with a VPN.

If you frequently travel, you may also acquire a short-term rental or buy a device entirely. Check the prices for both selections.

Besides, due to its ability to use worldwide roaming and maintain regular contact with friends and family back home, this portable modem is ideal for foreign travel.

The unit cost is $149.99, and after that, you can either pay for day passes at a rate of $US5 per day or sign up for their monthly service for $US99 per month. For both alternatives, you will also need to include the shipping cost.

Travel WiFi

We can get a Pocket WiFi device from a European company while we are in Singapore; in this instance, Travel WiFi, a business based in Spain.

Tourists who wish to hire their portable WiFi devices can do so at various rates; options start at $64 for a full week of 1 GB of cellular data. This plan can be extended, and additional data can be purchased, but using these premium data plans will cost an additional $30.

Depending on where customers will receive the device, the company generally charges a fee for access to the delivery service that ranges from 2 to 23 USD. So, there is no need to worry if you are far from Europe because you will still receive your equipment.

Customers will be fined, as per the company’s penalty policy, if the device is lost or damaged. If this happens, Travel WiFi must receive the whole $179 cost immediately.


Due to its location in Argentina, MioWiFi is a Pocket WiFi provider that clients in Latin America may want to consider as a substitute. Particularly if they are seeking a device to take with them to Singapore.

Apart from that, the cost of their services is fixed. The fixed $64 fee for a week of use of their smartphones includes 1 GB of cellular data daily. It won’t be a problem if someone has to rent the Pocket WiFi for more time; the only thing that will change is the cost.

No matter where they are, customers can request express shipping to receive their rental Pocket WiFi for Singapore in a few days. And, depending on where the device will be delivered, customers must pay between $40 and $50 for shipping.

The answer is yes if someone is wondering whether they will be charged by the company if they fail to deliver or damage one of their items. It’s best to keep an eye on the device as much as possible because they could charge up to $250 if this occurs.

My Webspot

The last option we’ll discuss is My Webspot, another company situated in Switzerland which provides coverage all around Europe!

Their services and prices are strikingly similar to others we have found. This is because they only offer 1 GB per day compared to other options, users can decide to choose a different provider. Keep in mind that the rental cost is $81.04 for a week of use, although it could be necessary to use it for much more time.

Before we complete the list of Pocket alternatives, we must inform you about the company’s penalty policy. The insurance cost, which is activated if a device is lost or destroyed, ranges from 102 to 204 USD.

Pocket WiFi alternatives

Up to this point, we have covered many Pocket WiFi for Singapore options that consumers can use while traveling. But if people believe that these devices are too expensive for them, why don’t we try to find a solution that fits their budgets? There are several other choices, including eSIM and SIM cards.

There is no need to worry; we know that some individuals would be dubious about these services. But, you can rest assured using one of these products after learning about some crucial aspects.

Singapore. Source: Unsplash

Unlimited data eSIM for Singapore

The only thing that needs to be mentioned is that these eSIMs only function in last-generation telephones, a fact that consumers must be aware of. Even though this system won’t work with outdated cell phones, we should nevertheless mention there’s a backup plan!

eSIMs are currently one of the most well-liked alternatives among those who love international travel. They carry out the same tasks as a conventional SIM card, but since they are entirely digital, anyone can access the service more conveniently, no matter where they are! Saving money compared to other solutions, such as roaming services.

Many solutions can help us stay connected while traveling, including the Holafly eSIM for Singapore. The only thing to remember is that an internet connection is required to complete the activation process.

Singapore Prepaid SIM Card

In second place on our list are international SIM cards. This alternative is the most popular one for customers who don’t have access to cellular devices from the most recent generation or smartwatches that don’t support an eSIM. Despite all of its advantages, it is still a viable choice.

If you believe a SIM card would be more convenient for you to use or that it would be more suited to your needs given the device you currently own, you have that option. You can find options in online stores with international shipping and in physical stores of local operators once you arrive in the country.

Free WiFi

It’s essential to make the ultimate decision, so customers can properly determine which service they can trust. We have discussed costs and other crucial factors; each service has advantages and disadvantages.

Which service do we recommend then? Due to everything they offer, Starhub’s eSIMs and SIM cards are a good choice. Aside from that, they are less expensive and simpler to purchase than a Pocket WiFi subscription, which for some of us can be expensive.

Which is better?

eSIM for SIngapore
eSIM with unlimited data plans in Singapore. Source: Holafly.

Making the final choice is crucial so that customers can accurately decide which product they can rely on. Prices and other important topics have been briefly covered, but each service has positives and negatives.

So, which one do we recommend? The eSIMs cards from Holafly are a wise choice because of all they provide. In addition, they are effortless to buy and less expensive than a Pocket WiFi membership.