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Holafly supports you: New super-flexible refund policy

Learn about new Holafly’s super-flexible refund policy: What it is, how it works, and how you can request a refund.

juli 21, 2023

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We introduce our new super-flexible refund policy at Holafly, seeking to improve our customers’ experience and offer peace of mind when buying an international eSIM. Find everything you need to know about it here: terms and conditions, how it works and more.

Remember that Holafly is always on your side and guarantees an excellent experience when using an international eSIM.

Why is the refund policy super-flexible?

At Holafly, we are aware that you are the center of our attention; your experience in buying and using our travel eSIM is what matters most to us. This is why we want to give you the best possible satisfaction regarding mobile internet. Currently, we understand two things: on some occasions, you may give up or cancel your purchase for personal reasons, and connection failures may also occur that prevent you from using the eSIM. 

Knowing these two situations can arise, our new super-flexible refund policy was born, specially designed for travelers like you.

When you purchase an international eSIM from the Holafly store, you’ll feel more at ease than ever. With this super-flexible refund policy, in case any problem occurs when setting up, installing, or using your virtual SIM card, or if you decide not to use your eSIM for the destination you were going to travel to, you will have up to 6 months to request a refund of up to 100% of the price you paid (depending on the particular situation). 

Find below the types of refunds included in the new refunds’ guideline:

Full refund

We will refund 100% of the amount you paid when purchasing your digital SIM if you have given up the purchase. To qualify for this type of refund, you have to consider the following conditions:

  • It will only be valid if you have purchased the eSIM from Holafly’s official website.
  • The eSIM must not have been activated, i.e., no mobile data consumption. However, the customer support team can analyze specific cases to provide solutions and assess your case if the eSIM has already been activated.
  • It has not been more than 6 months from the date of purchase.

Refunds for locked/incompatible cellphones

If your cellphone is locked or if your device is not eSIM compatible, Holafly may offer a refund under the following conditions:

  • You should not have scanned the eSIM QR code, so there should have been no data consumption.
  • It must not have been more than the 6-month limit from the date you purchased your eSIM.
  • You have to send a screenshot to check the incompatibility or the locked status of your phone to use an international eSIM.

Your eSIM connection fails

If there are connection failures with the network provider when using the Holafly eSIM in the destination. In that case, your case will be analyzed to determine a partial or full refund of the amount paid.

To request a refund for eSIM connection failures, please take into account the following information:

Before requesting a refund:

Please contact our customer service team at or by chat on the Holafly official site to report the connection problem with your eSIM. At the time of connection failure, please report the situation as soon as possible, as we will not be able to guarantee a refund after the eSIM expiration.

If you report the issue on time, you-ll be able to apply for a full refund (an administrative fee of $3.5 USD will be charged) or a partial refund, depending on the data consumption you had.

Requesting a refund:

Please have the necessary information and screenshots ready for your specific to your case. This way we can identify the problem and provide the best possible solutions. As for the response, don’t worry since the support team is available 24/7.

About the refund of your money:

You should consider refunds are made on the exact amount you paid at the time of the transaction. If, for example, you bought an eSIM with a discount code, the refund will be calculated based on the price with the discount used, not the original price. Therefore, you will not be refunded additional costs unrelated to the product or be compensated above the specific amount you paid.

Holafly vs. other operators: comparison of refund policies

Now, let’s compare our new super-flexible refund policy with the policies established by other stores/companies dedicated to selling international eSIMs.

 HolaflyOther international eSIM carriers
Eligible deadlineUp to 6 months from purchase7 to 30 days from purchase
Locked/incompatible cell phones100% refund as long as the data plan has not been used within 6 months of purchaseRefund within a time limit of 14 to 30 days after purchase
Connection failureThe case is reviewed, and a partial or full refund is assessedYou will be able to apply for a refund as long as the eSIM is activated
Refund request processRequest by chat or email. Solution and refund within 5-10 working daysBy e-mail or through forms on the website.
Administrative fees3,5 USD5 USD
Table 1. Comparison Chart of Holafly vs other provider Refund Policy

At Holafly, we are here to provide the best experience, from start to finish, for all our international travelers. We hope this refund policy guide gives you the peace of mind we want to ensure when purchasing an international eSIM with us.