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Santiago de Chile Airport WiFi – Connect easily

Read all about how to connect to the Wifi network of Chile's airport, and connect to the internet right when lo land!

september 22, 2023

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If you need to connect to Chile Airport WiFi, this article is just for you. We will share a quick guide to access this free service so that you know how it works if there is a time limit and the alternatives you can use to make sure you connect to the internet inside and outside the airport, such as the international eSIM, local SIM cards, pocket WiFi or international roaming.

WiFi Santiago de Chile Airport, how to connect?

Santiago de Chile airport
Terminal 3 Entrance to the Santiago de Chile airport. Source:

Accessing WiFi at the Santiago de Chile airport is very easy. Below we share the steps you must follow:

  • Step 1: Activate the WiFi function on your device.
  • Step 2: Locate and select the network: Airport Wi-Fi or Nuevo Pudahuel.
  • Step 3: You will be redirected to the airport welcome page.
  • Step 4: Log in with your email or date of birth.
  • Step 5: Press OK and you now have free and unlimited WiFi.

How does WiFi work at Santiago airport?

Santiago Airport has free and unlimited WiFi service, available in the National Terminal (T1) and the International Terminal (T2). For security reasons, you will be asked to log in every 90 minutes.

Conditions for access to New Pudahuel WiFi

By using the Nuevo Pudahuel WiFi network, you are accepting the terms and conditions of use, as well as the privacy policy. Also, as it is a free service, the airport WiFi network only offers access to third-party websites and is not responsible for the content.

It also does not assume any responsibility for the loss or theft of information or expenses that may arise from different failures in the service.

Fact: As an alternative to airport WiFi, we recommend traveling with an international eSIM to have unlimited data and a private, stable, and secure connection on your trip to Chile.

Other services to have the internet at the airport

At the Santiago de Chile airport, you will find payment options to connect to the internet. You can book your access to a Lounge that includes unlimited WiFi, or you can visit the Duty-Free area to find shops selling SIM cards for local use.

VIP rooms with WiFi at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez

The airport has VIP Lounges designed with exclusive spaces that offer multiple amenities for those travelers who want to find a quiet place and enjoy their waiting time with some of the services that are included in the access fee.

  • Unlimited WiFi
  • Food and drinks
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Television room
  • Air-conditioning
  • Flight information

These lounges are usually shared with different membership programs with airlines, airline groups, Priority Pass, and payment networks, and other examples. For these and other reasons, the rates and time spent in the rooms vary depending on the company, the program, or the agreement.

Some memberships, for example, are annual, others monthly or single-use. So, if you are thinking of reserving access to one of these rooms, you should carefully review the terms and conditions so that you know which services you can enjoy and which require additional payment.

Opinion on WiFi at the Chile airport

The Santiago de Chile Airport is clear in its policy for using the WiFi network. It offers unlimited connection with some conditions and in cases of loss of information, damages, or losses, it does not assume any responsibility, precisely because it is a free service.

So, you can consider it as an option to send a message, order a taxi service, or make a call through instant messaging applications, and other basic actions, but it is not recommended in cases of carrying out banking transactions, reviewing confidential information, entering passwords, because the information may be at risk.

Considering this situation, we recommend you choose an alternative that lets you have the mobile data you need, without so many limitations or risks, through private networks that you can enjoy right when you land at your destination.

Alternatives to airport WiFi to have internet in Chile

As an alternative to WiFi at the Chile airport, you can use the International eSIM, paying for a data plan in advance; buying a local SIM card; rent a pocket WiFi to share the internet with several devices; or activate international roaming with your operator before traveling.

But make sure you make a good choice, since some options are more expensive than others and do not offer the same benefits.

International eSIM card

The eSIM has become the preferred option for many travelers because of the ease of purchase and use it offers, and also it offers many advantages. With it, you no longer need a plastic card to have a data plan abroad or sign contracts with a mobile operator.

Today there are eSIM providers on the internet, such as Holafly, that have virtual stores so you can make your purchase online without complications. You just need a cellphone compatible with eSIM technology and make sure that it is unlocked for international use.

eSIM card for Chile
Get your Holafly eSIM card for Chile and connect to the internet all the time.

You can buy an eSIM anywhere in the world. Delivery is immediate via email and includes a QR code and the instructions you need to install the eSIM on your own.

Now, let’s talk about the advantages of the Holafly eSIM card:

  • Buy the eSIM online
  • Immediate delivery by email
  • Installation with a QR code
  • Automatic activation at the destination
  • Unlimited Data plans
  • You keep your WhatsApp number
  • Speed: 3G/4G/LTE
  • Online recharge option
  • 24/7 customer service

Local SIM cards

Entel, Movistar, and Claro Chile are the main mobile operators in the country, so when you arrive at your destination, you can get a SIM card from one of these companies. Before traveling, you can find out the details of their prepaid plans and rates.

It can be a great option if your cellphone is not compatible with the eSIM technology.

Movistar SIM card

Getting a Movistar SIM card is very simple. Throughout the country there are official stores and authorized points of sale; anyway, after a few days the chip will be blocked if you do not register it and to do so you will have to go to a Movistar branch.

This SIM card has no cost, but to get it you must present your passport and meet the current requirements to register it and use it with the local services you need. These can be calls, messages, and mobile data.

Entel SIM Card

Entel has the Easy Plan, without requirements or papers. The first thing you should do is select a monthly plan with the services you need and they will only be used for local use. Long-distance calls and international roaming are not included.

The free Gigs for social networks do not include calls, video calls, geolocation, or external pages. Activation is carried out by inserting the card into the mobile phone and then calling 103 or in the customer area of the website.

Clear SIM Card

Claro also has prepaid plans, without requirements or restrictions, but only applies to plans starting at 7,990 CLP for 12 months. Of course, there are other options, but you should check which of them fits your travel needs and visit an Entel branch to help you with the purchase and activation, since as a foreign visitor, you will not be able to do it through the website because You must present the RUT (Single Tax Registry) as a natural person.

Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi is another option that works for business trips, work, or people traveling in a group. It is a small pocket router that allows the activation of a data plan and provides internet for multiple devices, depending on their capacity.

Pocket Wifi
Pocket Wifi to have the internet on international trips. Source: Huawei.

This service is usually a little more expensive than SIM or eSIM cards since it includes shipping costs, daily rental of the device, and insurance in case of damage, theft, or loss of the equipment. For example, for an eight-day trip with Travlerswifi, the fare is €65.40.

International Roaming

Finally, you can activate the international roaming service of your mobile operator. It will let you continue using your cell phone abroad as if you were at home. In some cases, roaming is included in the mobile rate, while in other cases additional fees must be paid for this international service.

It all depends on the agreements that your mobile operator has with the country you visit, so before traveling, it is important that you review the conditions of this service and, if so, authorize its activation and make good use of it, since it can be very expensive.

Our opinion about airport WiFi and other alternatives

We hope that this information has helped you connect to the WiFi network at Santiago de Chile Airport, as well as discover other alternatives that you can use to have internet inside and outside the airport.

Now you can finally choose the option you want, taking into account the pros and cons of each option. We recommend the Holafly International eSIM card, because of its price, ease of purchase, and advantages.

The idea is that you can enjoy your trip to Chile, without worrying about how to have internet.

Frequent questions about WiFi at Chile Airport

What is the name of Santiago de Chile Airport?

The Santiago de Chile airport is called Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez. It is also known as the Pudahuel Airport; New Pudahuel Airport; or Santiago Airport.

What is the name of the airport WiFi network?

Currently, the airport’s WiFi network is called Nuevo Pudahuel and you can connect for free, with no time limit. Every 90 minutes you will have to log in for security reasons.

Is it safe to connect to public WiFi at the airport?

It is a free service so you may run risks of loss or theft of information. In this case, we recommend using an international eSIM card.