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How to get Mobile internet in Los Angeles: What is the best option?

Here we are going to show you all the available alternatives to connect to the internet during your trip to Los Angeles.


February 9, 2023

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If you have arrived in The United States and you don’t know how to connect to the internet in Los Angeles, this article is for you. Here we are going to show you all the available alternatives to connect, and we will give you our recommendations from the Holafly eSIM card to international roaming service, and much more.

One of the greatest alternatives is the Holafly Los Angeles eSIM card with cellular data for Los Angeles, but we are going to tell you more about that later in this article.

eSIM for Los Angeles

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What are the available options?

There are many ways to connect to the internet with many advantages and disadvantages, but the option we think is perfect is the Holafly eSIM card. They are easy to get, helpful, easy to install and use, and with an excellent connection.

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Virtual SIM card with mobile data for internet in Los Angeles

Thanks to its benefits and few disadvantages, virtual SIM cards with cellular data are a great way to connect to the internet. Easy to use, with the technology needed to offer a great connection, these cards are similar to the ones that you use on your cellphone. Another benefit is that they are not expensive, and you only pay once.



This provider has two different options for Los Angeles, a virtual SIM card for Los Angeles and the entire USA at $21, and another eSIM card with cellular data for LA, the USA, Mexico, and Canada at $31. Any of these two options is very nice for your trip.


The first one offers unlimited 4G LTE internet with the technology of the operator AT&T, and T-Mobile and there are different plans, depending on the number of days you are staying in Los Angeles, from 5 to 90 days. You can also share data via hotspot, up to 500 MB daily.

The second one offers unlimited cellular data with 4G LTE coverage from AT&T USA, T-Mobile, AT&T Mexico, and Rogers. It lets you share your cellular data with other devices and has a 5-day package.

Both virtual SIM card options allow you to extend your plans for more data or days of use through top-ups. These are activated immediately on your phone without having to set up a new eSIM.

Smart Gold

This SIM card offers 12 GB at 3G speed and great coverage in LA. It costs $39.90, and it has worldwide shipping.


This option offers unlimited data with 4G speed, and it has three types of card, one of 10 days at $59.99 and another of 30 days at $99.97.

Free WiFi in LA

If you are considering using free WiFi, we are going to show you below where you can find these networks. But, consider that connecting to free WiFi is not the best option, as it can be an unsafe and unstable connection.

At the airport

You only have to activate the WiFi option on your cellphone, select the network LAX WiFi, and connect to it for free. It has limited speed, but it may be enough to browse social media.

Parks and beaches

You will find it on Pershing Platz, the Griffith Observatory, Echo Park Lake, Reseda Park, Venice Beach, Muscle Beach, and Cabrillo Beach. All you have to do is to find the OhRanger WiFi network, and that’s it.


Any lodging will offer free WiFi for their customers. All you have to do is to ask for the WiFi password when you arrive at your hotel.

In the city

Here you will find many WiFi points, especially in Pershing Square, the downtown Historical Core, the Financial District, Bunker Hill, and Little Tokyo.

Museums and Libraries

Some museums like the Getty Center or the Getty Ville have Free WiFi called Getty Link. At the same time, the Los Angeles County Art Museum has its free WiFi network called lacma-free-wifi.

Public Libraries have free WiFi.

Beverly Hills

If you are going to visit this iconic place, you will be able to access the City Guest network, which is available in many different parts of Beverly Hills.

Other places

Like Dodger Stadium, with the VerizonWiFi service, the Los Angeles Convention Center, where you’ll find a good connection at cafés (Café Compass and Café Galaxy), and the Los Angeles shopping malls, such as the Hollywood & Highland Center, Westfield Century City, and more.

Pocket WiFi to get internet in Los Angeles

Source: El Colombiano.

These devices offer a better connection if you compare them with free WiFi. Why? Because a Pocket WiFi generates a private network for you to connect, you will enjoy a more stable and fast connection.

From Wi-Fi to Mi-Fi

This device is a portable WiFi; it is a small router that you can carry in your pocket, no matter where you go, it will provide you with a large amount of cellular internet, and it will let you share your connection with other 5 to 10 devices.

Double rate and penalties

Not everything is perfect, it is an interesting option, but it has some disadvantages. A Pocket WiFi is not free, and depending on the provider, you will be able to either rent it or buy it, but you also have to pay for the cellular data separately. That’s why you have a double rate. You pay for the device and the data plan.

Another disadvantage is that if you lose the device, you will have to pay the replacement penalty, which is very expensive and can be more than $100.

Pocket WiFi providers

Wifi in LA. Source: Kev’s Best.

Vision Global WiFi

This portable device covers many countries, including the United States. There are no subscription contracts or minimum clauses, so you can choose the data plan you want. You can connect more than one device to it. You will only pay for the days you are staying at your destination, and the daily price is $6.68.

All Day Internet

It offers a 24-hour internet connection, and you receive the router in 4 days. A mailman will go to your house when you have to return the device, or you can go to the post yourself. The price per day is around $5.

International roaming service

Roaming in Los Angeles. Source: ComparaOnline.

It is the last option because it is the least recommended alternative since it is very expensive. International roaming in the United States is a service that many operators offer you to connect to during your trip.

Price for each consumed MB

You have to pay for every MB you use. To clear things up, we can tell you that if you watch a YouTube video, you use about 18.75 MB. If you make a video call, you use 30 MB; and if you look for something on Google, you use 1.5 MB per minute, so be careful because you will end up paying a very high price if you use this service.

How much do I have to pay?

We can show you the price of some operators: O2 UK $8.00 for MB or $7.5 per day, Vodafone UK $7..5 per day. From Australia, Telstra is $3 per MB, and Optus is $1 per MB.

How do I activate this service?

If you want to use this option anyway, check the list below to learn how to activate this service, depending on the cellular carrier you use.

  • O2: text TRAVELON to 21300.
  • Vodafone: you can activate it from its website in the private area, or it’s My Vodafone App
  • Telstra: You can activate it through My Telstra app.
  • Optus: You can activate it through the My Optus app.