My phone isn't compatible with eSIM. What are my options?

Even if your phone is not compatible with eSIM, Holafly may be able to help you connect to the internet abroad.

Here are a few different options:

Are you traveling with friends or family?

If you're traveling with friends or family, check if their phones are compatible.

Even if your phone isn't compatible, you can use the eSIM data from another phone by tethering (also known as mobile hotspot).

So if your travel mate has a compatible phone, they can set up the eSIM and then turn on tethering from their settings menu. If you search for WiFi networks, you should see their hotspot.

There are two disadvantages to this method:

  • You will only be able to connect to the data if you are nearby the other person
  • With two phones using the same eSIM, you will use up more data - you can solve this by buying more than one eSIM.

Buy a physical SIM card

Holafly doesn't just offer eSIMs. We have also helped over 80,000 customers with physical SIM cards. These work just like an eSIM, but often have different data options and prices. The only difference is that being a physical product, we send them to your address rather than your email.

How can I buy a Holafly physical SIM card?

Holafly offers physical SIM cards in the following countries:

We do not deliver our SIM cards outside of these countries.

If you live in one of these countries, check out our store now - we even offer free delivery :)

What to remember when buying a physical SIM instead of eSIM:

  • If your phone is not dual-SIM, you will have to replace your normal SIM with the travel SIM card. This means you cannot use your normal SIM for calls and SMS, however you will be able to continue using WhatsApp with your usual number.
  • Delivery times - remember to buy the SIM a few days in advance to allow for deliver times. Holafly's quickest option for delivery is the next working day (charges and exceptions apply)

What else can I do?

If those two options don't work for you, we would advise you look for a SIM card once you arrive in your destination. Most major providers have plans for travelers. 

If you're unsure, feel free to contact our team who will be able to help.