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Top 4 Best eSIMs for the United Arab Emirates in 2024

Do you want to know what's the best eSIMs to use in the United Arab Emirates? Here's all the information you need to know about it!

Julio Osuna

January 1, 2024

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Travel to the United Arab Emirates with the best eSIM on the market to stay connected to the internet. With all its perks and benefits, there’s a lot to see in one of the richest places in the world, and tourists need to be prepared to enjoy their experience to the fullest. In this case, getting to know what are the best digital SIMs to use there is an important thing to know, as these will allow you to stay online while traveling.

That’s why, as we love to help travelers, here’s all the information you need to know to get the best eSIMs there are available

esim dubai
Looking for a virtual SIM card to use in the UAE? Just scan the QR code!

Why should I get an eSIM for the United Arab Emirates?

When thinking about eSIMs, one question that comes to mind is why would we need one. It’s important to mention these have become quite popular around the world as these are a whole new version of the traditional SIM card. But the main difference here comes with the fact eSIMs don’t take up physical space on the cellphone, and what’s more important, eSIMs work while traveling around the world!

Also, it’s important to bring up that these virtual SIM cards are easier to get than a local SIM card, for example. And it will help people to save some money when it comes to avoiding using services like roaming or Pocket WiFi devices, which are way more expensive than one can expect. And consumers can buy eSIMs wherever they are!

Which is the best eSIM for the United Arab Emirates?

When it comes to talking about the different providers available around the world, chances are it’s tricky to determine which is the best one to use. That’s why we have taken the time to help out travelers that need to know more about the top 4 best eSIMs to use in the United Arab Emirates. Of course, there’s a lot to know rather than simply mentioning the names of the operators.

That’s why getting to know more about eSIMs might be hard. It’s important to know all about the features provided by eSIMs, what are the advantages, prices, and much more. Therefore, it’s not only getting to know about the companies available, such as Holafly, Flexiroam, YeSIM, and GigSky, but also knowing about what these provide.

1. Holafly

eSIM for Dubai

The first option we have on the list comes with Holafly. The company based in Spain has been on the market for more than five years now, and they currently offer eSIMs in more than 170 different destinations all around the world. That’s why this one has become a go-to alternative for many travelers out there, especially because of how handy it can be in matters of wireless data and the user-friendly purchase process.

As for the eSIM to travel to UAE, there’s only five data plans available for customers to utilize. In this case, with unlimited data from 19 USD for five days to 54 USD for 20 days, it is relatively cheap for travelers. And the best part of this is the fact buyers can get to use different payment methods to get an eSIM!

If you travel to several countries, the best option is to use an eSIM for Asia with coverage in multiple destinations on the continent including the United Arab Emirates!

But this is not all of what makes Holafly stand out. There are other high-quality features available for vacationers to know. Holafly offers 24/7 customer service in different languages, high-speed data, and a lot more!

The only thing that’s necessary to use a Holafly eSIM is to have an eSIM compatible device, as there’s nothing else to worry about!

Holafly customer reviews. Source: Trustpilot

2. Flexiroam

Founded in 2011, Flexiroam has become an important brand when it comes to talking about communication. It has offered different services for travelers ever since, and nowadays, it provides eSIMs, which, of course, make it to the list of eSIMs to use in the United Arab Emirates. Other than this destination, the company is available for use in over 100 different destinations all around the world.

Currently, the company doesn’t offer a stand-alone eSIM to use in the UAE. The eSIM offered to travelers is actually a regional eSIM that is also capable of being used in over 150 countries.

For travelers who want to know how to get an eSIM with Flexiroam, the process is easier than expected. There are two ways, either using the official website or using the Flexiroam app. Both ways work well, and people won’t have a hard time trying to get an eSIM with them.

Also, it’s important to note that the eSIM price varies from $19.99 to up to $199.99. This will mostly depend on what the user needs and for how long they are staying in the United Arab Emirates.

3. YeSIM

Let’s talk about YeSIM now. This one, just like the companies we previously mentioned, works as an online store where people can buy all the eSIMs they need. They offer eSIMs for numerous destinations all around the world, which is why they are part of this list, and of course, they offer an eSIM for the UAE.

As for now, the YeSIM app and website work in two languages, English and Russian, and buyers can choose the one they prefer to use. It’s also important to know YeSIM offers an app, which vacationers can either use on Android or iOS devices, which makes it easier for everyone to get an eSIM when needed. 

Also, it’s important to tell YeSIM offers different payment methods to its users, such as Alipay, PayPal, credit cards, and Apple Pay, and this is just to mention some of the ones available when using YeSIM.

As for the price of the United Arab Emirates from YeSIM, prices vary from $8 to $55 depending on the data plan selected. It’s important to know the most expensive plans only offer 10 GB of wireless data for 10 days, which might be a letdown for some travelers.

4. GigSky

The last option we have on the list comes with GigSky. The operator, which was founded back in 2010, has become an alternative for travelers when it comes to staying connected while abroad. 

Currently, the company offers a marketplace where customers can get the eSIM they need from either their website or app. It is also important to note there are different data plans available to use in the UAE, so buyers can choose the one that suits them most!

It’s important to say GigSky offers different features, such as in-flight data and customer support that are available in different languages. Therefore, getting an eSIM from them won’t be something complicated to do at all.

As for the prices regarding the eSIM for the United Arab Emirates, these will vary from $11 to $46 according to the amount of data the eSIM has. It’s important to tell these plans to go from 200 MB to 1 GB of mobile data.

Best eSIM plans for the United Arab Emirates: Which one to choose?

Up to this point, we have discussed all the available alternatives for people to use in the United Arab Emirates. But it might be hard for people to make a choice up to this point, and that’s why it’s important to have all the prices in one place.

As for now, Holafly is among the best options available for consumers to use in matters of the best eSIM for the United Arab Emirates. But it’s important to know what the other operators offer in matters of accessibility, prices, and for how long their eSIMs will work while using them!

HolaflyUnlimited data 5, 7, 10, 15, or 20From $19.00 to $54.00iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam1 GB360$35.99iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam1 GB15$19.99iOS/Android/Web
Flexiroam3 GB360$109.00iOS/Android/Web
YeSIM1 GB7€8iOS/Android/Web
YeSIM3 GB5€22iOS/Android/Web
YeSIM5 GB7€35iOS/Android/Web
YeSIM10 GB10 €55iOS/Android/Web
Gigsky200 MB7$10.99iOS/Android/Web
Gigsky515 MB15$26.99iOS/Android/Web
Gigsky1 GB30$45.99iOS/Android/Web
Table 1. eSIM international providers comparison chart.

Which one is the best price?

In matters of price, it’s fair to say YeSIM offers cheaper alternatives compared to the other companies offering the best eSIMs for the United Arab Emirates. But it’s also necessary to check some extra features as the price will vary according to the data package that the customer chooses.

Either way, all of these companies offer similar prices, being Holafly the one with the best regarding prices/mobile data. Therefore, it’s fair to say Holafly comes first in matters of having the best price.

Which one offers more mobile data?

There are two companies tied here offering the best eSIMs for the United Arab Emirates. Holafly offers 6 GB of mobile data for 15 days, which is one of the higher alternatives available here. But on the other hand, YeSIM offers data plans that have up to 10 GB of wireless data, but this one only lasts for 10 days, and it’s also more expensive than the one offered by Holafly.

Which operators support the eSIM in the United Arab Emirates?

As expected, these companies work alongside local carriers to offer the best possible service to users. In this case, Etisalat Mobile is the one providing the best service for eSIMs in the UAE.