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Top 4 Best eSIM for Morocco in 2024

Read about the top 4 eSIM providers for Morocco in 2024, offering convenient and affordable connectivity options for travelers.

Manuel M.

January 1, 2024

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Visit the beautiful beaches of Agadir, or the archeological wonders of the El Badi Palace. There’s so much to do and see in Morocco, a vast country rich in ancient culture, art and gastronomy. Using an eSIM can be a practical choice when it comes to remaining online while traveling in Morocco. It’s best to be well-informed on your available options, and we have the 4 best eSIMs for Morocco in 2024.

Stay with us, and we’ll tell everything there is, so you’re well-prepared for your travels. You’ll be abroad worry free!

eSIM for Morocco

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Morocco. Source: Unsplash

Why should I get an eSIM for Morocco?

Choosing an eSIM for your vacation in Morocco comes with a number of included benefits. An eSIM offers convenience and ease of use. You can effortlessly add a digital eSIM to your phone without the need to remove your regular SIM card. This gives you the opportunity to customize your experience depending on unique requirements and needs by allowing you to select the finest network coverage, data plans, or specials available during your visit to Morocco.

Thanks to these perks and benefits that the eSIM offers to flyers and travelers, you won’t have to worry about having to accept the terrible restrictions and conditions of your domestic carriers with their international roaming services. You won’t fret on thinking that you’ll come back home to an expensive phone bill.

Which is the best eSIM for Morocco?

You shouldn’t just get the first eSIM that crosses your pass. There are several factors that you have to consider when deciding which eSIM to buy. It’s not just about buying the one with the most valid time, the most data, minutes, etc. Travelers have to evaluate which one adjusts best to their vacation plans.

The following should be considered while getting an eSIM in Morocco. First, check to see if your device is compatible with Moroccan cellular network operators’ network bands and supports eSIM capabilities.

Check the local eSIM carriers, considering things like network coverage, data plans, pricing, and customer service. Make sure the process of getting the QR code or activation code needed for setup after purchasing the eSIM plan from your preferred provider is easy.

Whenever you try to get an eSIM or even a regular SIM card from a local provider, it may be necessary to present a legitimate form of identification, such as a passport, during the purchase or activation procedure. To finish the setup, make sure you have an internet connection available during the activation procedure.

Let’s talk to you about the best 4 eSIM providers available for your vacations in Morocco. Continue reading to learn about Holafly, Flexiroam, GigSky, and YeSIM.

1. Holafly

You won’t miss a beat with Holafly. Second to none, this carrier has gained user popularity as the eSIM has risen to the number one option to connect to the internet abroad and even at home. With a user-friendly app and online platform, quick as a flash installation and activation process, and exceptional around-the-clock customer service, this provider will not disappoint.

Specifically with the eSIM Morocco, Holafly offers several plans and packages for visitors eager to discover this African wonder. With plans that go from 5 to 15 days and with pricing for as little as $27, you’ll have a reliable and stable connection in Rabat. The Holafly eSIM connects to the Orange Morocco network in Morocco, and there are several payment methods on the platform, which are PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Holafly eSIM for Morocco. Source: Holafly store

The high-end product that Holafly offers stands out thanks to their efficient purchasing and activation process as well as their unparalleled customer service which is available 24/7 and in several languages like English, Spanish, French and German, and channels, like WhatsApp, chat, email, and a direct telephone.

Holafly customer reviews. Source: Trustpilot

2. Flexiroam

A telecom firm called Flexiroam focuses on providing travelers and customers with international roaming options. Their signature product, Flexiroam X, is an incredibly thin microchip that you can attach to your current SIM card to access data services in more than 150 countries without switching SIM cards. They provide a variety of data plans with various durations and data allotments to meet different needs. With prices starting at $19.99 up to $199.99 that includes 1, 3, 5 and 7 GB of data.

For managing your account, purchasing data plans, and using virtual SIM features with numerous foreign phone numbers, Flexiroam also offers the Flexiroam App. For individuals who own devices that support eSIM, they also provide eSIM solutions, which make moving between networks simple without a real SIM card.

Flexiroam plans are valid for either 6 months to 1 year, but this may be too much time for a single eSIM for just one country and definitely too little data. It’s not the most suitable option for those travelers touring North Africa, and most won’t even stay the 6 months.

3. YeSIM

YeSIM is a cellular virtual network provider (MVNO) in Morocco that provides eSIM services. This company serves as an eSIM provider by utilizing the infrastructure of the current wireless network to offer connectivity services to tourists. This provider concentrates on offering travelers to Morocco practical and cost-effective eSIM options.

You can download their app that’s available for iOS and Android and purchase your eSIM through there, keep in mind that if you experience any issues, you’ll only get customer service in English and Russian.

Their plans and prices start at €8 ($8.98 USD) and go up to as high as €52 ($58.37 USD). However, their cheapest plan includes just 500 MB, which honestly doesn’t really cover much for travelers that want to share their entire vacation with friends and family abroad. Overall, the YeSIM plans are the following:

  • 500 MB for 7 days for €8 – $8.98 USD
  • 1 GB for 7 days for €13 – $14.59 USD
  • 3 GB for 5 days for €33 – $ 37.04 USD
  • 5 GB for 7 days for €52 – $58.37 USD

Even though these plans may seem attractive, the amount of data is not nearly enough to stay connected to the internet during your entire visit to Morocco.

4. Gigsky

GigSky is a well-known supplier of eSIM services for tourists from abroad, providing connectivity choices in several countries, including Morocco. Without a physical SIM card, GigSky’s eSIM solutions let users access cellular data and stay connected while traveling.

GigSky normally provides several data plans with varying lengths and data allotments. Users can get high-speed internet connectivity and access to vital online services like email, maps, and social networking by purchasing a GigSky eSIM plan for Morocco.

However, GigSky’s eSIM plans and pricing for Morocco are 512 MB for 7 days for $12.99, 1 GB for 15 days for $23.99 and 2 GB for 30 days for $44.99. These plans don’t have much data, and they cost a lot for so little. Even with 2 GB, it’s definitely not enough, specially not if you have to travel for work.

This provider also offers an iOS and Android-compatible eSIM that you can easily get from their app.

Which digital SIM has the best price?

The eSIM provider with the lowest price is the 500 MB plan for 8 euros from YeSIM, but do you really think 500 MG will be enough for you? This amount of data is only good enough for a few hours or a 1 day at most.

Unless you’re going to stay in Morocco for only a layover and leave the same day or the next day, then you definitely won’t benefit from this plan. On the other hand, Holafly offers unlimited data for 5 days for $27, which is plenty for your stay. You’ll be able to easily activate and connect to the internet in this North African country will a minimum investment.

Which one offers most data?

Holafly takes first place in the highest data category. With unlimited data on all their packages, this is definitely a huge deal. Flexiroam and YeSIM offer 7 GB and 5 GB respectively, but their prices are much higher and can reach a jaw-dropping $199.99.

It is outrageous pricing, and you have to keep in mind that Holafly is the only provider that offers various payment methods so that you won’t risk ending up without an internet connection abroad.

Which operators support the eSIM in Morocco?

Currently, there are several local providers that offer eSIM with their plans and products for residents, These carriers are Maroc Telecom, Orange Morocco and Inwi; nonetheless, for foreigners to get an eSIM from these operators may be a lot more difficult.

You’ll have to provide documentation, like your passport, and it may take time. Plus, the language barrier represents a challenge to be able to communicate with others.

As the winner, the eSIM for Morocco from Holafly offers the best internet connection abroad and travelers will not have to worry about a thing.