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Top 4 Best eSIM for Italy in 2024

Looking forward on knowing more about the best eSIM to use in Italy? Here's everything you need to know about them!

Julio Osuna

January 1, 2024

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Italy is a marvelous destination where travelers have plenty of things to do. With beautiful cities, such as Milan or Roma, and all types of landscapes throughout Tuscany, it is surely a place where travelers would love to spend several days! But what about the internet connection in Italy? How can consumers get internet there? That’s why we have to talk about the best eSIMs for Italy!

Even though it might seem like something hard to do, getting to know more about the best eSIMs to use in Italy is not a difficult task for us, that’s why we have prepared a complete guide for travelers to know what’s the best eSIM for them to use in Italy! So if you are traveling to Italy in 2024, keep reading!

Find out how to use an Italy eSIM to have internet connection on your trip!! Just Scan the QR code.

Why should I get an eSIM for Italy?

When it comes to getting an internet connection in Italy, there are different options for tourists to use, such as Pocket WiFi devices or, thanks to the different roaming services that people can use while traveling there.

All of these alternatives are valid and worth considering. There’s no doubt about this. But it is important to know the fact both the Pocket WiFi and roaming services aren’t the cheapest alternatives on the market.

Currently, eSIMs are the cheapest option for travelers around the world, even with products for single cities like the Milan eSIM. As for what it offers, customers can get unlimited wireless data depending on the carrier they are using, an easy activation process with an eSIM, and much more, depending on the carrier!

Roman Coliseum. Source: Pexels

Which is the best eSIM for Italy?

As expected, when traveling, some services will be far better than others. There’s no doubt when it comes to talking about this. That’s why it is important for travelers to know what’s the best eSIM for them to use in Italy!

Nowadays, there are different cellular carriers available for travelers to use in Italy. Of course, as expected, not all of these carriers will work in the same way, and some will offer different features that surely fulfill the users’ expectations.

On the other hand, what are these companies we are talking about? Well, let’s discuss the best 4 eSIMs for travelers to use! 

1. Holafly

Unlimited data eSIM for Italy
Italy eSIM. Source: Holafly store

For our first option, we have the Holafly eSIM for Italy. To get to know more about the provider, it’s necessary to know they have been on the market for over five years now, and they have been striving to keep their customers connected when traveling around the world with different high-quality alternatives in over 170 destinations!

When talking about the quality of the Holafly eSIM, there are different features to keep in mind when using one of these devices. But what’s more important to know is the fact that these eSIMs are easy to buy, and that’s one of the most important alternatives to keep in mind for travelers!

On the other hand, there are other major features that are included with the Holafly Italy eSIM. Travelers don’t only have the chance to get the eSIM, no matter where they are because there are other important features to know, such as customer service is available 24/7 in different languages, unlimited data packages, an app for iOS users, and much more! One of the new features that the Holafly digital SIM includes is talk time. This feature is limited only to several products at the moment.

So, if you want to stay connected when traveling around the world with the best-unlimited data packages at accessible prices that start at $6, the Holafly eSIM is the best option for you to use, this also works for those who want to get an eSIM in Europe for visiting Italy and other countries!

Holafly customer reviews. Source: Trustpilot

2. YeSIM

Time to talk about the second alternative on our list. YeSIM is a virtual store where consumers can buy all types of eSIMs, which makes them a great alternative for people who like to travel and manage everything through their smartphones. 

YeSIM is a company owned by Genesis Group, and thanks to the different efforts put into the company, YeSIM has become one of the alternatives for travelers to use around the world.

To get a YeSIM eSIM, consumers need to either download their official app to buy an eSIM, but there’s no need to worry, as this can also be done through their official website thanks to the eSIM marketplace they manage.

On the other hand, the provider manages different payment alternatives, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others. Therefore, getting an eSIM won’t be an issue with YeSIM.

As for prices, the company manages different alternatives at this moment. There are plans that vary from $8 to $22 depending on how much wireless data people need.

3. Flexiroam

Time to talk about Flexiroam. The third alternative on the list for vacationers traveling to Italy comes from a company that has been in the market for over 10 years now and has been offering different types of services for customers to stay connected while traveling. At this point, Flexiroam is available in 100 different countries.

Now, talking about how tourists can get an eSIM with Flexiroam, there’s no need to worry as there are different ways to make this possible. Flexiroam offers an app where everyone can get and manage their eSIM, and there’s also their official website.

As for the features, one of them was already mentioned, and that’s the official app for people to either manage or buy an eSIM. Other features are multi-language customer service, a user-friendly website, and others.

Lastly, for those wondering about the price, there are different data plans available when using Flexiroam. Prices will vary from $3.50 to up to $17.50, depending on how much mobile data people need.

4. Ubigi

The last alternative comes with Ubigi. The company has been operating for over 20 years now and has become a recognized brand among several communication alternatives for travelers around the world.

Now, with regard to understanding how the service works, Ubigi allows their customers to choose the method they prefer to get an eSIM. The company offers an alternative to getting an eSIM through the app or through its website.

As for the data plans, Ubigi offers a wide selection of data plans for travelers. There are different types of plans available, like one-off eSIMs, or monthly and annual eSIM plans. Therefore, there shouldn’t be an issue when choosing which data plan to use.

As for the rest of the features, alongside the app, there’s also customer service in different languages which is available 24/7, and a top-up feature.

Which one is the best price?

Up to this point, we have mentioned the different alternatives available for travelers to get when it comes to an eSIM. As seen throughout this guide, there are numerous options for eSIMs in Italy, which is great.

Now, what is actually relevant for us here is the price. There are different prices available for people to use when it comes to eSIMs, but it will also depend on how much wireless data someone wants to spend. The cheapest alternative comes with Flexiroam, with data plans that start at $3.50 but with a limited amount of data.

Which one offers more mobile data?

Now that we have talked about the price, it’s necessary to talk about the eSIM that offers more cellular data. All of these eSIMs will work differently, one from the other, and the data will vary too. 

In this case, most of these eSIMs offer a limited amount of mobile data, but Holafly breaks the mold here. All the eSIMs for Italy offer unlimited data, which is great to know.

Which operators support the eSIM in Italy?

Even though there are many available operators for people to use in Italy, not all of them offer eSIM coverage to their users. As for now, the only eSIM carriers in Italy are Vodafone and Wind Tre.