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Best eSIM for Paris: Unlimited data

Learn how to buy eSIM for Paris to access the internet on your travels. We compare products and prices from Holafly, WiFiMap, TravelSIM, Bouygues, and Orange

Leoneska Ruiz

October 21, 2023

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Are you off to visit Paris soon? Lucky you – you will indeed have a trip to remember, whether visiting The Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum. But have you thought about connecting to the internet while you are there? In this guide, we’ll explain why an eSIM Paris is the perfect way to get internet access during your travels. Discover the plans and prices of each eSIM provider and the best options for tourists!

Unlimited data eSIM for Paris

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Where can I buy an eSIM for travel to Paris?

As with any booming technology, embedded SIM cards make things easier for us as travelers. It is becoming increasingly common to find options for fast and secure purchases. In this way, eSIM providers offer remote and local alternatives that we can use to have mobile data on our travels:

  • You can find virtual SIM cards for Paris in online stores like Holafly. This way, you will have your data package when you arrive in the city.
  • Local operators offer eSIM cards in physical stores throughout Paris. In this case, you may have additional requirements for being a visitor.
  • We can always use traditional physical SIM cards for cases where we do not have an eSIM-compatible device or phone.

Advantages of Holafly eSIM card for Paris

Holafly home website.
Holafly home website. Source: Holafly.

If we mention online stores that function as eSIM providers, one of the most outstanding is Holafly. It has eSIM data plans for Paris and 170 other destinations worldwide, including regional options like their European eSIM and local options like Italy eSIM cards or German eSIM. Among the benefits highlighted for this destination are:

  • Unlimited data plans, so you won’t run out of mobile data while traveling in Paris.
  • Tethering / Hotspot: 500 MB per day to share with others.
  • High-speed data 4G LTE/5G connection supported by Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, and Free Mobile local networks.
  • Easy installation and activation through QR code.
  • Keep your WhatsApp in your language.
  • No need to change your SIM card.
  • Keep your original phone number active.
  • 24/7 customer service team in more than five languages.
  • Packages in other destinations of the world like the eSIM Turkey for tourists.
Advantages eSIM for Paris
Advantages of Holafly virtual SIM for Paris. Source: Holafly.

How much does a Holafly virtual SIM card for Paris cost?

This is another point in Holafly’s favor, as it has eight data plan options to suit all types of travelers. With any of the eSIM data plans for Paris,  you will have unlimited data and data sharing. You can customize your plans with as many days as you need, between five and 90 days maximum. Some reference prices below.

Days of useUnlimited data Data sharingPrice (USD)
5 daysYes500 MB Daily$19
7 daysYes500 MB Daily$27
10 daysYes500 MB Daily$34
15 daysYes500 MB Daily$47
20 daysYes500 MB Daily$54
30 daysYes500 MB Daily$64
60 daysYes500 MB Daily$87
90 daysYes500 MB Daily$199
Table N°1. Price comparison of Holafly’s eSIMs for Paris.

Don’t worry if you travel to other cities in France because the prepaid eSIM Paris includes data coverage nationwide.

How do I activate my digital SIM card for Paris?

Quick steps to buy eSIM
Quick steps to buy Paris eSIM. Source: Holafly.

The best thing about eSIMs compared to SIM cards is their ability to activate quickly, even remotely. After you purchase a data plan, you will receive in your email a QR code to scan and install your digital SIM card. At this point, you need to have a WiFi connection, so doing it from home or a secure connection is recommended.

  • Look for the Holafly eSIM Paris data plan on the Holafly website or app.
  • You must confirm that your phone is compatible with eSIMs.
  • You will receive a QR code to install the data plan on your device.
  • Scan the QR code with the device that will use the data plan.
  • Give the eSIM a unique name to quickly tell it apart from your physical SIM card.
  • Once you arrive in France, turn on data roaming on your device.
  • You are now connected to the internet!

Remember: You can install the data plan whenever you receive the QR code, but you cannot activate the internet until you arrive in France.

WifiMap eSIM in Paris

Another eSIM provider that also includes a mobile App and online store is WiFIMap; this provider has options for 70 destinations in the world. Their data plans are less flexible, including four 30-day offers. With any of them, you will have benefits such as.

  • 30 days validity for eSIM
  • WiFi hotspots map
  • 4G/LTE coverage at destination with Orange, SFR, and Bouygues support
  • Availability for other 70 destinations
  • Mobile app download required for installation
  • Only includes data. No phone number is included

WifiMap virtual SIM card price

WiFiMap data plans for Paris
WiFiMap data plans for Paris. Source: WiFiMap.

WiFiMap has only four package options for its prepaid eSIM card for Paris. None of the options include unlimited data, so if you run out of the package, you must buy a new one or use insecure public networks.

  • Virtual SIM with 1 GB for 30 days at 4.99 USD
  • Virtual SIM with 3 GB for 30 days at 13.47 USD
  • VirtualSIM with 5 GB for 30 days at 19.95 USD
  • Virtual SIM with 10 GB for 30 days at 29.99 USD

Please note that despite offering data packages, you will not be able to do data tethering to share with other devices.

TravelSIM eSIM in Paris

TravelSIM prepaid eSIM card for Paris. Source: TravelSIM.

The last online store option is TravelSIM; they initially offered only SIM card services but have upgraded to an eSIM provider as well. With them, you will have to pay for the eSIM and the data plan for Paris before you can enjoy some of the benefits:

  • You can include credit in your eSIM for calls or messages.
  • You can include a phone number for additional cost
  • Has offers for more than 130 destinations
  • Compatible with Apple and Android phones. 

TravelSIM virtual SIM card price

With this store, you can choose a data plan for your virtual SIM card and add credit if you want calls or messages. You can also add an international number for an additional cost. In either case, the five basic data plans are:

  • Digital SIM card with 5 GB for 14 days at 50.00 USD
  • Digital SIM card with 10 GB for 14 days at 93.00 USD
  • Digital SIM card with 5 GB for 30 days at 24.00 USD
  • Digital SIM card with 10  GB for 30 days at 42.00 USD
  • Digital SIM card with 20 GB for 30 days at 76.00 USD

The prices include the 6 USD paid for the eSIM; credit between 10 and 100 USD can be included for additional calls.

Bouygues Telecom eSIM in Paris

This is the first French operator we will mention, and they are known for offering affordable local eSIM data plans for tourists. As usual, local companies focus their services on long-term customers, but they still have an option for visitors. Among all the alternatives is the first to include a local phone number; this added to other benefits such as:

  • Allows you to use data in Paris, nationwide, and other European destinations
  • You can data tether with other devices, but there are daily limits
  • Includes unlimited calls and SMS within the city 
  • The package also offers a tourist guide and valuable tips in 10 languages.

It is important to remember that as a tourist, you cannot buy a Bouygues Telecom virtual SIM card before you arrive. Once in the city, you must find a physical store and request your data package. There are about 24 branches in the city and at any of them you will be asked for a valid ID and a compatible phone before purchasing your eSIM.

Bouygues Telecom virtual SIM card price

Bouygues telecom my European eSIM
Bouygues telecom my European eSIM. Source: Bouygues

As mentioned above, although most of the prepaid SIM cards this operator offers are aimed at local customers, it does have an option for tourists. This package, called My European SIM, can be activated as a local prepaid SIM card or eSIM plan. In both cases, it has the exact cost and benefits.

  • My European eSIM with 30 GB for 30 days at €39.90 (approximately $42.41)

Orange Holiday Europe eSIM in Paris

Orange is a mobile operator with a presence in several destinations in Europe; for this reason, among services, they have eSIM data plans for France that tourists can buy. Once in Paris, you can buy the Orange France eSIM with benefits such as:

  • Coverage in other European countries
  • Minutes for calling from Europe
  • Data tethering allowed
  • It is not possible to store contacts on the eSIM as you do on a physical SIM card

As for the presence of physical stores in Paris, Orange has 17 boutiques you can look for to buy your European eSIM.

Orange Holiday Europe eSIM price

Orange Holiday Europe eSIM
Orange Holiday Europe eSIM. Source: Orange.

This operator has three all-inclusive plans for tourists called Orange Holiday Europe eSIM. They are so named because they are not only available for this destination, but you can also find options for Germany, Spain, the UK, and Italy. In the case of the alternative for Paris, it has a cost of :

  • Orange Holiday Europe 12 GB for 14 days at €19.99 (approximately $21.21)
  • Orange Holiday Europe 30 GB for 14 days at €39.99 (approximately $42.42)
  • Orange Holiday Europe 12GB for 28 days at €49.99 (approximately $53.02)

Recommendations for choosing the best eSIM card for Paris

  • Check the requirements, conditions, and recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation.
  • Purchase an eSIM online through a store like Holafly, which is much cheaper than those sold at the airport.
  • Choose an eSIM with good coverage in Paris and enough data for your usual consumption.
  • Purchase your eSIM before you leave for your trip.
  • Read the instructions carefully when activating your eSIM.
  • Be aware of your data usage.

Which is the best embedded SIM for Paris?

Unlimited data eSIM for Paris
eSIM with unlimited data in Paris. Source: Holafly.

If we are talking about the best choice between remote and local providers, Holafly is an alternative that stands out. It is not expected to find unlimited data plans for tourists, and their eSIM plan for Paris includes this benefit regardless of the duration. Also, having a number to call as you would with a Paris eSIM is an advantage for the most demanding users. 

It is also important to note that you can recharge your virtual SIM card through top-ups and 24/7 customer support in multiple languages. If you travel to other European destinations, you can buy a data plan with coverage in 30 countries. You will find all this in one easy-to-use website for every type of traveler!

SIM Card for Paris

It is possible that we do not have an eSIM-compatible phone, and when this happens, we can resort to the usual physical SIMs. These offer you the same options as online or physical stores, with the difference that if you use a remote provider, you must wait for the international shipment of the chip. You can also use stores at the airport when you arrive, but these are usually more expensive. 

In either case, you can pay between 10 USD and 65 USD for a prepaid SIM card. The price will vary depending on the amount of data and operator you use. Using a virtual SIM card is still more advisable, mainly because it will not be easy to find options with unlimited data for tourists! 

Advantages of the eSIM card vs a physical SIM card

Now we know what an eSIM is, let’s find out why it’s better than a physical SIM card:

  • Easy purchase and activation process: You can purchase your eSIM from anywhere in the world through online stores, such as Holafly. When you make your purchase you will receive all the information regarding the eSIM in minutes, so the whole process is very fast and secure.
  • It does not need a physical installation: an eSIM or virtual card is a device implanted in cell phones, so you won’t have to put or take out this device physically.
  • Eco-friendly: as the eSIM is a virtual card, it does not generate pollution in the environment, so you would be helping to reduce waste.
  • No chance of loss or damage: as mentioned above, the eSIM card is completely virtual, so you will not have to worry about damaging or losing such services.

Cell phone providers and manufacturers are adopting the eSIM at a fast rate. Don’t get left behind – join the eSIM revolution now!

FAQs about the eSIM for Paris

How else can I connect to the internet in Paris?

You can also use traditional alternatives such as physical SIM cards for Paris, international roaming from your local operator, or even public WiFi networks in the city. However, compared to digital SIM cards, these are more expensive and less secure.

How do I know how much data I need to travel?

This depends on what you plan to use the internet for when you travel. Watching an hour-long show on Netflix might take up a GB of data, but more straightforward tasks like searching for directions or Google Maps searches won’t use up more than a few MB at a time. If you plan on downloading or streaming videos on your trip, you’ll need a data plan with a lot of data, such as those offered by Holafly for Paris.

Could the internet speed with my Holafly eSIM be reduced?

Holafly eSIM includes unlimited data for the contracted time. However, note that the operator may reserve the right to apply a Fair Usage Policy, as it applies to all other network users. In particular, if the operator estimates the usage of more than 90GB of data in a month, it may temporarily reduce the speed to 256-1024KB to avoid affecting other users.

What if I can’t set up the eSIM for Paris?

All eSIMs come with clear and comprehensive instructions. But if you have any problems, you can contact Holafly’s 24-hour customer support team, who’ll solve any issues no matter where you are.