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Best eSIM for Iceland: Stay connected on your adventure

Choose the best eSIM for Iceland with Holafly, Vodafone, Siminn, and Nomad. Read about their data plans, features, and more.

Julio Osuna

May 3, 2024

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Looking for an eSIM to travel to Iceland? Chances are you need help choosing which one to use, as there are different options in the market. That’s why knowing what’s the best eSIM for Iceland it’s important for travelers!

Here, we will tell you all about different eSIM companies, what is eSIM card, what they offer, prices, main features, and more. That way, you can choose the best eSIM to stay connected while traveling to Iceland!

Can I get an eSIM for Iceland?

When traveling to Iceland, people can use eSIMs with international and local carriers. There are different options in the market, so it’s important for travelers to know which one suits their needs most when planning what to visit in Iceland.

Currently, international eSIMs are easier to get by travelers. These are bought online and don’t have to sign a contract or something similar, which is the case for local carriers.

travelers in iceland
Travelers in Iceland. Source: Pexels.

Other alternatives are available in the country for those who can’t use an eSIM. People can rely on a SIM card for Iceland, a pocket WiFi device, or can choose to pay for roaming with their local carrier.

But, we’ll focus on the eSIM card Iceland to know more about what it offers and how people can get one.

What is the best eSIM card for Iceland?

When choosing the best eSIM card for Iceland, it’s important to consider different aspects of what each one offers. Travelers need to know about the amount of data, coverage, accessibility, price, and other features each eSIM offers before telling what’s the best to use in Iceland.

For us, the company that combines all these features comes as the best option for travelers. But to know more about it, it’s necessary to make a review of each one of these companies.

In this table, we’ll give you a bit of information about what each company offers, but we’ll get into detail with individual reviews of each one to make a guide for Iceland travelers!

eSIM Features Holafly Vodafone IcelandSiminn IcelandNomad 
Do they charge for the eSIM?NoNoNoNp
Unlimited dataYesYesYesNo
Tethering / HotspotYes, up to 500MBs per dayYesYesYes
Automatic installationYes, on iOS devicesNoNoNo
Networks OrangeVodafoneSiminnVodafone, Siminn, etc.
Buy onlineYesNoNoYes

1. Holafly Iceland eSIM with unlimited data

?Best unlimited data options to share data

The first option we have comes with Holafly. This international online store allows travelers to get an eSIM in more than 170 destinations, including the eSIM for Iceland. People can choose to buy one either through their website or mobile app for iOS and Android.

Holafly offers unlimited data plans for Iceland, and there are 8 different data plans available for use. All available data plans include unlimited data, and the duration varies from 5 to 90 days. As for the prices, these vary from $19 to $99 depending on the data package people choose.

esim holafly iceland
Holafly eSIM for Iceland. Source: Holafly.

Holafly also includes data-sharing for their Iceland eSIM that allows to share up to 500MBs per day. This option, alongside unlimited data, makes it a great option for travelers who need some data on more than one device.

Lastly, Holafly works with the Orange network within Iceland and offers coverage in 3G/4G/LTE in most cities.

Advantages and disadvantages 

  • Advantages:
    • No extra charges for the eSIM.
    • Top-up available to add more days to an eSIM.
    • Unlimited data plus data-sharing available.
    • Automatic installation on iOS devices.
    • Immediate delivery through email after the purchase is completed.
  • Disadvantages:
    • It doesn’t include phone calls, but thanks to unlimited data, it is possible to make calls through VOIP apps.

2. Vodafone Iceland eSIM card 

?Variety of data plans with add-ons available

Vodafone is a popular carrier in Europe, and it’s also available to use in Iceland. But as it is a local carrier, the process for travelers to get one is more complicated. The main difficulty here is that travelers can’t buy a Vodafone eSIM online.

While data plans are available for travelers, these are only available to use through a SIM card in Iceland. To get an eSIM, it’s necessary to purchase any of the prepaid or postpaid data plans from the company. These plans start at $78, and the most expensive one costs $209.

vodafone esim prices
Vodafone eSIM prices. Source: Vodafone.

While these data plans include phone calls and text messages, the price is not worth it for travelers, especially because the purchase process is more complicated compared to choosing an international carrier.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that people have to visit a physical store to get an eSIM from Vodafone, so even if they can purchase one, they won’t have internet access until they visit one of the available stores.

Advantages and disadvantages 

  • Advantages:
    • Include phone calls and text messages.
    • Work with 5G networks.
    • Offers data sharing.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Harder to purchase for travelers.
    • Only SIM cards are available to purchase for travelers.
    • Requires to visit a physical store to see if it’s possible to buy an eSIM.

3. Siminn eSIM in Iceland

✔️Cheaper prices compared to other local carriers

Siminn is another local carrier people can try when visiting Iceland. Similar to Vodafone, they offer prepaid plans for travelers, but only for SIM cards in Iceland, as these plans aren’t available for eSIMs.

If people want to get an eSIM for Iceland from Siminn, the process is a bit different and complicated. The company focuses on providing this service to locals, so it will be a bit harder for travelers to get an eSIM for their phones.

siminn esim prices
Siminn eSIM prices. Source: Siminn.

As for the data plans, these range from $15 to $71, depending on what people choose. These include phone calls and text messages and vary in terms of how much data they include.

The last thing to mention is how hard it can be for travelers to get an eSIM from Siminn. There will be different requirements to get a plan from the company, so people have to visit a store and see if they can purchase a data plan for their trip.

Advantages and disadvantages 

  • Advantages:
    • Accessible prices for basic plans.
    • Include phone calls and text messages on all their plans.
    • Available to use roaming services outside Iceland.
    • Includes data sharing.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Only a SIM card for Iceland can be purchased online.
    • Harder for travelers to access an eSIM.
    • Requires visiting a store to get a data plan.

4. Nomad with eSIM for Iceland

?Variety of local networks to use 

The last option from the list is Nomad. This carrier is similar to Holafly, as it focuses on providing eSIMs to travelers for places such as Iceland.

Nomad works with limited data packages using the Nova, Vodafone, Landssiminn, and Siminn networks in Iceland. It offers 4G/LTE data speeds on its available plans, depending on where people are, and doesn’t offer phone calls or text messages.

esim iceland nomad
Nomad eSIM for Iceland. Source: Nomad.

As for the available data plans, the company offers data packages that range from 1GB to 20GB and work for different amounts of days. Depending on the chosen plan, people can either get a 7-day or 30-day package to use while in Iceland.

As for prices, these range from $6 to $33. Upon getting one, people have up to 60 days to use their data package in Iceland.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Advantages:
    • Cheap prices for the 1GB data packages.
    • Offers 4G/LTE data speeds.
    • Available to activate 60 days after the purchase.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Doesn’t offer unlimited data packages.
    • Lacks of variety in the data package duration.
    • No packages are available for long-term travelers.

What are the requirements to use an eSIM in Iceland?

If you plan to get an eSIM to visit Iceland, there are some requirements to keep in mind. These might vary depending on the carrier travelers use, so it’s important to read them before traveling!

  • Check that your device is eSIM-compatible before purchasing.
  • Local carriers can ask for different requirements before providing an eSIM, so it’s important to visit a local store to know more about them.
  • Check that your device has open-bands to use local networks in Iceland.
  • Travelers need to have access to an internet connection to activate their eSIM.

Which eSIM for Iceland offers more data

Up to this point, we know what each carrier offers to travelers. Holafly offers unlimited data with all their data packages. This option is ideal for digital nomads in Iceland as it offers data sharing as well.

Siminn and Vodafone do offer unlimited data, but as it is hard to get an eSIM from these companies, it’s better to rely on international carriers like Holafly to stay connected while visiting Iceland.

Which eSIM for Iceland offers data sharing?

All the eSIMs we mentioned offer data sharing in Iceland. However, when comparing them, Holafly is the best option

Vodafone and Siminn allow data sharing, but as a traveler is harder to get an eSIM from these companies. On the other hand, Nomad also allows using the hotspot feature, but they only offer a limited data package to travelers.

That’s why the Holafly eSIM for Iceland is the best option, as it offers 500MBs of data sharing per day with their unlimited data packages!

FAQ about eSIM card for Iceland

Do international eSIMs work in Iceland?

Yes. Companies like Holafly offer eSIMs for travelers that connect with local networks. In this case, it works with the Orange network, which allows the use of 4G/LTE networks in the country.

Can I have internet across Europe with a single eSIM?

Yes. Different companies are offering multi-country eSIMs. One of the best options is the Holafly eSIM for Europe. It offers coverage in different European countries, including Iceland, and the data packages available are unlimited, with data sharing included!

Which eSIM is best for the UK and Iceland?

If you are planning the best time to visit Iceland and the UK in a single trip, chances are you need an eSIM to stay connected in both countries. The Holafly eSIM for Europe allows you to connect in both while using unlimited data and data sharing!