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Best eSIM for Caribbean Islands & cruises in 2024

Choose between Holafly, GigSky, MobiMatter, Digicel, or Breeze to get an eSIM and stay connected while traveling to the Caribbean!

Julio Osuna

July 8, 2024

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When traveling to a place such as the Caribbean, you can’t forget about how to stay connected, right? That’s why we are going to talk about the best eSIM Caribbean people can get and what each one offers in terms of mobile data and functionality.

While these are a better option than roaming in the Caribbean or taking a pocket WiFi, it’s necessary to know the small details, so if you are traveling soon, keep reading to choose your next eSIM card!

Can you use eSIM in the Caribbean?

The short answer is yes. People can get a Caribbean eSIM and use it in the different countries located in this region, such as Aruba, Dominica, Trinidad, and Tobago, among other destinations found in the Caribbean.

While we prefer using a digital SIM card to visit the Caribbean, it’s also important to note that there are other alternatives available for use, such as SIM cards and roaming services from your local carrier.

caribbean esim
Hammock near to a Caribbean beach. Source: Pexels.

Roaming, for example, can be expensive compared to the eSIM service. On the other hand, getting a SIM card requires two steps: either waiting until arriving in one of the countries or waiting for it to be delivered before traveling.

That’s why getting a digital SIM card for the Caribbean is better. These can be purchased online, work in multiple countries, and are not as expensive as roaming.

Essentials to use an eSIM for the Caribbean

If you want to use a travel eSIM when visiting the Caribbean, there are some things you need to know before purchasing a plan. 

So, to make it easier for travelers, here’s what you need to know about the eSIM for the Caribbean:

  1. An eSIM-compatible mobile is a must to use an embedded SIM when traveling.
  2. Check if your mobile has open-bands as you will be connecting to a different network provider than your local carrier.
  3. To install your eSIM, it’s required to have an internet connection to scan and activate the QR code of your Caribbean eSIM.
  4. Remember to check on which countries the Caribbean eSIM works in so you can check if your device will work with local networks.
  5. Check coverage to see if the country you are visiting is included on the list of Caribbean eSIM destinations.

Can you use an eSIM while on a Caribbean cruise?

While this depends on your eSIM provider, chances are that this feature is not available. So, before you purchase an eSIM plan, contact your carrier and ask whether it will work while on a cruise or not.

What are the best eSIMs for the Caribbean?

Now that we have some points clear related to the eSIM for the Caribbean, it’s time to talk about the different options travelers have to get one.

Since companies like Holafly, Digicel, GigSky, Mobimatter, and Breeze are among the main eSIM providers in the region, it’s time to get to know them and what each one offers.

eSIM Features HolaflyDigicelGigSky MobimatterBreeze 
Amount of data7 GB5 – 10 GB1 GB – 10 GB1 GB1 GB – Unlimited data
Do they charge for the eSIM?NoNoNoNoNo
Coverage16 countries20 countries+20 countries+30 countries17 countries
Networks DigicelDigicelDigicelDigicelDigicel

1. Holafly eSIM Caribbean  

Our first recommendation for getting an eSIM for the Caribbean comes from Holafly, one of the companies you can use to stay connected while abroad.

For now, Holafly offers one data plan that costs $54 and works for 15 days with 7 GB. Each day, you can use up to 500 MB of data, but there’s no need to worry if you need more, as the top-up feature allows you to add more mobile data to an eSIM.

holafly caribbean esim
Holafly eSIM for the Caribbean. Source: Holafly.

There are different advantages when using Holafly, such as:

  • 24/7 customer service is available in different languages and through different channels.
  • Top-up to add an eSIM data plan in case you run out of data or need more days.
  • Easy purchase through the website or the Holafly app.
  • Works with a reliable network, which makes it great to use without issues.
  • While doing a Caribbean travel season, you will get 4G/LTE when using Holafly.

The only downside when using this eSIM is that there are no other plans to use, and people won’t get a local phone number, but other than that, Holafly remains one of the best alternatives in the market.


The eSIM for the Caribbean from Holafly works in 16 countries, including Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, French Guiana, and other countries.

esim caribbean destinations
Caribbean Holafly eSIM destinations. Source: Holafly.

If you plan to enjoy walking around the main cities or relaxing on the beach, you will get the best coverage available. Going to mountain areas or the jungle might lower coverage a bit; keep that in mind!

If you are visiting different countries, don’t worry. The eSIM will keep working without any changes.

2. Digicel Caribbean eSIM 

Let’s discuss our second eSIM provider for the Caribbean. Digicel is quite common in the region since it is one of the main carriers from most countries!

Currently, the company offers two different data packages. These cost $30 and $40 and include 5 GB and 10 GB of mobile data, respectively. As for the duration, it will work for 30 days and in 20 different countries.

digicel esim caribbean
Digicel eSIM plans for the Caribbean. Source: Digicel.

As for the advantages of the Digicel eSIM provider, we can mention:

  1. More than one data package to use.
  2. No need to use it immediately after the purchase.
  3. Coverage in 20 different countries.

While Digiel seems like a good fit, it’s important to note that it doesn’t offer complete information related to whether they offer top-up or not and lacks information on whether it has add-ons like text messages and phone calls.


This Caribbean eSIM works in 20 countries, but it’s important to note that it doesn’t work if you are on a cruise or something similar. 

People will get coverage while on the beach or walking around the cities but will lose coverage if they decide to visit remote areas.

3. GigSky eSIM for Caribbean 

Let’s talk about GigSky as our third alternative for a Caribbean eSIM. Compared to the rest, GigSky offers an eSIM for different countries and also a Caribbean cruise data plan.

As for the land-based plans, prices range from $13,99 to $119,99, while data ranges from 1 GB to 10 GB, depending on which data plan travelers take. As for how long these work, there’s only one plan that works for 7 days while the rest work for 30 days.

gigsky esim caribbean
GigSky eSIM plans for the Caribbean.

Now, what about the Caribbean cruise data plan? This one works for 1 to 15 days and costs $17,99 to $73,99. However, it doesn’t offer much data, as it works with 512 MB, 1 GB, and 3 GB plans.

But what about the advantages of this eSIM provider?

  1. Works either on land or while on a cruise, but the eSIM must be bought separately.
  2. Offers a free eSIM to try with 100 MB.
  3. Offers coverage in more than 20 countries.

The main disadvantage of these data plans is how expensive they are, which are a lot higher compared to other alternatives travelers can get.


Even though we already mentioned a bit about the Caribbean travel eSIM coverage, it’s worth noting how it works. 

First, people can use GigSky eSIM data plan in different places. But this will vary depending on which one they buy

While the regional Caribbean travel eSIM works on land and port, it won’t work while on a cruise. But the one that’s available for Caribbean travel on a cruise will work both while on the cruise and on land.

4. MobiMatter Caribbean islands eSIM

Another Caribbean travel eSIM available for use comes with MobiMatter. Compared to the rest of the alternatives, this one is actually the alternative with fewer options to choose from.

People have access to only one data plan, which includes 1 GB of mobile data that works for 30 days and in more than 30 destinations. However, for only 1 GB, $18,99 might be too high for travelers.

mobimatter esim caribbean
MobiMatter eSIM plans for the Caribbean. Source: MobiMatter.

Here are the advantages of this eSIM data plan:

  • Works in more than 30 countries.
  • Top-up available.
  • Hotspot is available.

The main disadvantage is that there are no additional data plans to choose from, which makes it hard for travelers to rely on this package. There are also no additional add-ons, and MobiMatter is not the actual seller of this eSIM.


This eSIM data plan’s coverage will work on land, as it doesn’t offer coverage while on a cruise. It will lose coverage while in remote areas, but that’s something expected when choosing a Caribbean eSIM.

Also, coverage from this Caribbean eSIM is available in more than 30 destinations, which is an advantage for travelers.

5. Breeze eSIM for Caribbean 

Our last Caribbean eSIM carrier comes with Breeze. From the different alternatives we mentioned here, Breeze is the only one including eSIM plans with unlimited data.

However, the company also offers other eSIM plans with limited data, which are actually cheaper compared to the unlimited data plans. Prices for the limited packages vary from $27 to $99 and work for 7 to 30 days, while the unlimited eSIM data plans vary from $31 to $90 and only work for 1 and 3 days.

breeze esim caribbean
Breeze eSIM plans for the Caribbean.

These are some of the advantages we can mention from this eSIM:

  1. Works in 17 destinations.
  2. Offers unlimited eSIM data plans.
  3. Works with a reliable local network on these destinations.

As for the disadvantages, the unlimited travel eSIM data plans are extremely high. For the limited ones, prices are a bit higher compared to other alternatives but are somehow more accessible.


To get good coverage with the Breeze eSIM, it’s important to stay within the main areas of the countries you are visiting. Whether you are on the beach, walking around the capital, or getting to know any of these Caribbean islands, you will surely get good coverage on your phone.

Now, similar to other Caribbean eSIM plans, travelers won’t get access to their mobile data while on a cruise.

How to set up Caribbean eSIM data for travel?

So, now that you have an idea of what Caribbean eSIM is the best for you, it’s time to talk about how to set it up on your device!

  • Android:
    • For Android, the first thing you need to do is complete the purchase and receive the QR code in your email to start the process.
    • Remember that to install your Caribbean eSIM, you need an internet connection to complete it and within the area of coverage.
    • Go to “Settings” and choose “Connections.”
    • Go to “SIM Manager” and press “Add eSIM.”
    • Then, you need to scan the QR code and wait a few seconds until the eSIM is installed. If you need to do it manually, you need to write the activation code and then add the eSIM data plan to your phone.
  • iPhone:
    • For iPhone, the process is quite similar to Android, but here’s a step-by-step process.
    • Go to “Settings” and then press “Mobile Data.”
    • Once there, choose “Add Data Plan” and scan the QR code to add your eSIM data plan.
    • There’s no chance to add the eSIM manually when using an iPhone, but if you use the Holafly App, you can add it automatically after the purchase.


We have discussed the best eSIM plans for the Caribbean up to this point, and chances are you have already made your choice.

While there are different data plans to choose from, we prefer Holafly for its additional features. Customer support, a reliable network connection, different payment methods, and an easy installation and eSIM management process make it the go-to alternative for travelers.

So, if you need an internet connection to visit a country or countries in the Caribbean, now you know what eSIM provider to take!

FAQ about Caribbean eSIM

Does Holafly work in the Caribbean Islands?

Yes. You can get an eSIM from Holafly and use it in 16 different destinations in the Caribbean to get internet while using reliable networks during your trip.

How do I get data in the Caribbean?

There are different ways to get data in the Caribbean. You can choose a local SIM card, a pocket WiFi device, or roaming from various carriers, but our preferred option is eSIM plans due to how easy these are to purchase and manage.