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Safety Tips When Traveling Alone

Stay secure with our safety tips when traveling alone. Enjoy yourself but stay vigilant abroad and remain connected to the best eSIM service!

Manuel M.

December 22, 2023

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Embarking on a solo travel adventure is a remarkable experience that allows you to learn about different cultures, meet varied people, and get a broader world perspective. But being alone, it is critical to prioritize your safety. We’ll give you suggestions and safety tips in this detailed guide to guarantee a secure and pleasurable journey. In addition, we’ll discuss the necessity of internet access when traveling and how to remain connected abroad.

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Preparations before solo travel 

There are several tips and advice that you should keep in mind while you’re packing and getting everything ready, from packing the appropriate clothing to getting a travel insurance policy with sufficient coverage. Traveling alone may translate to a smoother journey. A crucial companion you must take with you is an eSIM for international travel. We’ll provide additional information later on. Let’s look at the tips and tricks you must consider.

raveling alone can also mean amazing adventures
Traveling alone can also mean amazing adventures! Source: Pexel

Research and Share your itinerary for traveling solo

One of the first things you should do when arranging a solo vacation is to study your location correctly. Learn about local norms, traditions, and laws to respect the local culture and prevent inadvertent offenses. Understanding cultural standards will make it easier to manage social interactions and ensure a great experience.

You must notify a trusted friend or family member of your vacation plans. Share your schedule, including dates, lodging information, and any activities or excursions you want. Make copies of your travel papers, and give them your emergency contact information. This way, someone back home will know exactly where you are and may contact you or the authorities if necessary.

Get Insurance for a solo trip

Purchasing comprehensive travel insurance is another one of our safety tips when traveling alone, a critical step when you plan your trip. Of course, there are a lot of options for this, so to choose the one that best fits your adventure, you can consider the following: 

  • Look for a policy that includes coverage for medical emergencies, travel cancellations or interruptions, lost or stolen items, and emergency evacuation.
  • Ensure you properly read through the T&Cs of the policy and understand the coverage limitations and claim processes. 
  • Keep a physical and digital copy of the policy and emergency contact numbers readily available.
  • Check the health requirements for your destination and speak with a healthcare expert or travel clinic to ensure you have the appropriate vaccines or medication. Because different places may have different health concerns, it’s critical to be aware and take proper measures.
You can venture with more peace of mind with travel insurance.
You can venture with more peace of mind with travel insurance. Source: Unsplash.

Secure Important Documents

Make duplicates of all necessary travel papers, such as your passport, visa, travel insurance policy, and any required identity cards. Keep these copies away from the originals, either digitally (through email or cloud storage) or physically in a secure area. Consider keeping a digital scan or photo of your passport and other vital documents on your phone for easy access.

Make copies of your travel documents
Make copies of your travel documents. Source: Unsplash.

Learn the basics of the local language 

Knowing basic phrases in the local language can open doors to meaningful connections with locals. It’ll make navigating easier, boost your confidence, and show respect for the culture. Try essential phrases, language learning apps, finding a language partner, or immersing yourself in the language through music, movies, and signs.

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • Focus on essentials: Learn greetings, basic questions, and everyday words like numbers and food items.
  • Use language learning apps: Duolingo, Memrise, and Babbel are great options for interactive learning.
  • Find a language partner: Practice conversation with native speakers online or in language exchange groups.
  • Immerse yourself: Listen to local music, watch movies in the local language, and try to read signs and labels.
  • Embrace mistakes: Everyone makes them! Keep practicing, laugh at yourself, and have fun!

Tips to follow in the destination country

Solo-traveler on a bench in front of the ocean
Solo-traveler on a bench in front of the ocean. Source: Pexels

Stay vigilant and stay connected

Keep a keen awareness and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Trust your intuition and avoid going alone in strange or poorly lit locations, especially at night. If anything feels wrong or uneasy, it’s preferable to err on caution and choose a safer route or area.

Maintain regular contact with your family and friends back home. Inform them of your daily activities, disclose your whereabouts, and notify them of any substantial changes to your plans. Check-in on social media or share your location with a trusted friend or family member. Regular communication not only keeps you linked, but it also provides as an extra layer of security.

Secure your belongings and blend in

One of the main actions we can take to be safe during our trip is to avoid being the focus of attention. By this, we don’t mean being a ghost but having a little modesty. Taking care of your valuable belongings and keeping them close is also paramount. Other recommendations are:

  • Safeguard your valuables, passport, and extra cash. 
  • Invest in a hidden bag or a travel belt to keep critical documents and cash near your body.
  • Use lockers or safes to keep your stuff when staying in a hotel.
  • Never leave your things unattended in public places, even briefly. 
  • Respecting local norms and assimilating into the local culture might help you avoid unwanted attention
  • Take lessons from local experiences and dress modestly and suitably for the area.
  • Displaying valuable jewelry or electronics may draw the attention of pickpockets or burglars.

Public Transportation

While at your destination, you need to get around, but it’s best to use safe alternatives. Know what options are available when moving from one place to another. Choose trustworthy and licensed transportation options, such as taxis or popular ride-sharing applications. To avoid pickpocketing, stay cautious in busy situations and watch your valuables.

Internet Connectivity abroad

One of the best safety tips when traveling alone is to stay connected and online in another country. As we mentioned, one of the few advantages is that you’ll give your loved ones peace of mind back home. You’ll need some form of internet access. Examples are eSIMs, local SIM cards, pocket WiFi, and even accessible local WiFi networks. All these options will keep you connected, but one of the best for travelers is the eSIM, and we will tell you why.

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Connect easily abroad
Connect easily abroad! Source: Unsplash

eSIM cards for international travel

This new trend in consumer tech is the next step in communications. Getting an eSIM is one of the best and most essential safety tips when traveling alone. You can quickly get one online and connect in a few minutes! 

Holafly home website
Holafly home website.

A global and renowned provider is Holafly, with which you can get an eSIM from their app or directly on their website for more than 160 destinations like eSIM travel USA, Canada, or Europe. First, you must choose your destination and plan to complete the purchase. You’ll receive the installation and activation QR code. After that, you’ll be ready once you scan the code on your smartphone!

General tips for solo travelers

  • Personal safety: Remember that you will be alone while traveling, so be cautious about giving out personal information, be aware of scams, and don’t drink excessively. These are tips you should follow to stay safe.
  • Save money: Opt for budget-friendly hostels, Airbnb kitchens, and alternative destinations. Use public transport, walk/cycle, consider hitchhiking (safely!). Explore free activities, cook your meals, and pack snacks. Look for deals, volunteer for food/stay, travel off-season, book early, utilize travel apps, be flexible, and pack light.
  • Common sense: This may be redundant, but we must pay attention to our instincts when traveling this way. We should walk away if we see something out of place or feel uncomfortable in a situation. Also, if you receive help or offers that are too good to be true, they probably are!
  • Local customs and traditions: Learn about local idioms and primary language to communicate. Respect traditional or sacred places for the locals. Also, this way, you can better integrate into the local culture.
  • Personal growth: Travel is only an experience for you and your growth. Take advantage of learning and appreciating everything you can around you. 
  • Stay connected: It is crucial to keep the people close to you at home informed. The best way is to have a reliable internet connection like the ones offered by Holafly eSIMs worldwide.

Remember that prioritizing safety aims to enhance your sense of adventure, not to dull it. Keep these safety tips when traveling alone, fully immerse yourself in the joys of solitary travel, and create spectacular memories. So pack your things, follow these safety precautions, and go out on your solo adventure with confidence. Enjoy the freedom, the adventure, and every moment of your wonderful solo travel experience.

FAQ about safety tips when traveling alone

How do I protect myself when solo traveling?

As we have already mentioned, there are specific suggestions that you can follow before and during your trip to protect yourself. The main thing is to have a good plan, be communicated in case of emergency, and always be aware of your surroundings to keep you safe while traveling.

What precautions should be taken while Travelling alone?

Research your destination, pack light, share your plans, and get travel insurance. Stay aware, keep belongings close, be cautious at night, and trust your gut. Learn basic phrases, dress modestly (for women), and carry a personal alarm. Be confident, stay connected, and remember, if something feels off, it probably is

How safe is it to travel as a solo female traveler?

Solo female travelers should have the same precautions as any traveler. Choose welcoming destinations, research local customs, prioritize awareness and caution, stay connected, and don’t hesitate to seek help. Trust your instincts, take precautions, and embrace the adventure!  

How can I have internet in multiple countries at the same time?

Holafly among its options, offers regional eSIMs such as North America, Europe, or Asia, with which you can have unlimited data in several countries of the continent. Just confirm the destination you are traveling to and look for a regional Holafly option with coverage there.