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Use cell phone in Turkey: How to do it?

Planning on traveling to Turkey and need help to use your cell phone there? Here we have all the information you need to know!

Eylül 23, 2022

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When visiting a new country, there are many things you need to consider before leaving. One of those things is how you will use your cell phone while there, right? So, how can someone use their cellphone in Turkey? Given the fact that this is a popular touristic attraction, it is something we need to keep in mind.

That’s why today, we will tell you everything you need to know, so you can use your cellphone in Turkey without having many issues! There are many things to know in this matter, and that’s where we want to help you out. So if you need information about using your cellphone abroad with the right guidance, we have your back covered!

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Will my phone work in Turkey?

Whenever we travel, one of the things we can’t forget to take with us is our cellphone. Many people ask themselves, will my phone work in Turkey when traveling? Or well, in any destination they are traveling to.

The thing with cellphones is that, of course, they will work, no matter where you go. How you tend to use it might not work, with the cellular data and stuff, which we can’t leave aside here.

So, if you are worried about your cellphone not working in Turkey, we are here to tell you it will. There’s nothing to worry about, as a cellphone can work through various means and as long as it complies with several conditions.

Still, the thing here goes in a different direction. We need to know if we can use our cellphones there, so we need information such as coverage, and network availability, among other things.

There are some options we can use in case we want peace of mind when traveling, and such is the case of SIM and eSIM cards, as well as alternatives such as free WiFi and pocket WiFi devices. But which one will be the best option?

That’s a great question, in fact. And that’s why we will give all the information regarding these services and how we can take advantage of them when traveling. So, if you intend to travel to Turkey any time soon, everything we have to say here is what you need!

Do I need an international plan in Turkey?

When looking into international plans, we discuss everything related to a common data plan. We might need to be able to, send messages, surf the web, make phone calls, and much more on a daily basis.

Therefore, the answer to this question is something pretty simple. You will need an international plan when in Turkey. The thing here is, which will be the best option to use when being there, then? 

As we mentioned earlier, there are different options to think about. And we want to give as many details as possible about these services.

What are the International plans options for use cellphone in Turkey?

So, now that we are at this point, there’s a new question. What are the international plans we can opt to use when traveling? There are several options that we’ve already mentioned, but we haven’t provided any details yet.

Here we will cover everything related to the alternatives we have in mind, especially our favorites, the eSIM, and SIM cards. But don’t worry, there are other options we have in mind for use as well!

Unlimited data eSIM for Turkey

When it comes to using an eSIM, we know this alternative has become one of the most common ones to use when it comes to traveling. Even if you are not traveling, you can tell eSIMs have become pretty important among tourists and travelers; it is just that taking them when traveling simplifies things a lot!

Are there any issues related to this service when considering using a cellphone in Turkey? Yes. There’s one thing we need to consider here, and it is where we can use the eSIMs. Not all cellphones can use one, which we need to keep in mind when trying to use one.

Still, there are other alternatives we can use when it comes to not being able to use an eSIM because SIM cards are now a thing for travelers too. But that’s something we can discuss later on. 

The good thing about eSIMs is how solid their services are. They are easy to buy, activate through a QR code within seconds, have excellent coverage, and the data speed is more than enough for travelers.

Finally, we recommend using the eSIM for Turkey from Holafly, which we can tell has very competitive prices, as we can find options from as cheap as $19 with unlimited data!

International SIM Card for Turkey

Time to elaborate on the second alternative we have on our list. International SIM cards have become a thing, too, in the last few years. And these are the perfect alternative for those who can’t use an eSIM.

When talking about international SIM cards, we must remember that to use them; we need to have an open-band cellphone. If that’s not the case, the SIM card won’t work on our cellphones at all.

With that aside, things are pretty similar regarding the SIM card’s features. We can tell it will provide excellent coverage, navigation speed, and much more! And the purchase process remains simple too!

Pocket WiFi for Turkey

Time to talk about one of the classic alternatives we have available for use on our list. Back in the day, pocket WiFi devices used to be the best alternative for travelers who needed to stay connected when traveling worldwide!

We can recall many different companies offering this service, such as MioWiFi, Travelers WiFi, and many others. But ultimately, they offer the same thing for most people, so there’s no huge difference from one to the other.

What we can tell that makes a difference here is that these devices can be pretty expensive. For a single week of usage, people can pay up to 100 dollars, even more, depending on the company they are using.

These devices can cost people more than $100 for a week of usage. Some companies have penalties if their device is damaged or lost, and so, offer insurance, among other things, which can make the price go up to $400 easily.

Free WiFi in Turkey

Finally, time to talk about the usage of free WiFi. We know that this can be an alternative to save some money when traveling, and that’s something we can’t deny at all. But is it always reliable?

Well, no. Not everywhere we go, we can find a free WiFi hotspot, which we need to keep in mind.

Will my local Internet work in Turkey?

It depends. If your cellular provider offers roaming services, chances are you can. Still, this varies depending on the company people use in their hometown.

Here, we will mention two options we have in mind, one from Europe and the other from the USA, so we can tell whether they are worth using or not.

Use your cellphone in Turkey with AT&T

AT&T is among the best alternatives for people who live in the USA. But can we say the same for their roaming services? They have a plan, only for cellular data, that costs $10 per day, known as the International Day Pass, and it can be pretty expensive in the end.

Using your cellphone in Turkey with Vodafone

Vodafone is known for being available in different countries in Europe. Still, they aren’t present in Turkey, and the country is in the area where roaming is the most expensive. That’s why for a single day of usage, people will spend only $8 to get cellular data while there. 

What is the best option for using your cell phone in Turkey?

So, up to this point, what can we tell about the options we have mentioned? Two of them are the best options, the eSIM, and SIM cards, especially the digital chip from Holafly, due to everything they offer and how easy they are to get. So, if you need to travel to Turkey and stay connected, these are the options for you!