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How to get internet abroad in 2023

Find out how travelers will connect to the internet abroad in 2023. In this article, we are going to give you all the information about it.

24 stycznia, 2023

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In this modern and globalized world, it is very important to find new alternatives to connect to the internet abroad. It is something that will help travelers to keep using their phones, apps and connect to the internet during their trips. The perfect companion if someone needs to work, find an address, make a reservation, or translate something.

To see how travelers are going to connect to the internet abroad in 2023, keep reading this article, where you will find many options.

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Can you use mobile internet abroad?

Yes! Actually, there are many ways to use data on your cellphone while traveling abroad. Thanks to new technologies, travelers can connect to cellular internet, no matter where they are. If you are traveling soon, we will show you below the best alternatives to connect to the international internet:

eSIM: internet for travel abroad

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The eSIM or digital SIM card is the evolution of the traditional SIM card that we use in our devices to get cellular data. This small device is already integrated into smartphones, smartwatches, and high-end tablets and frees you from depending on a unique cellular operator.

Advantages of the eSIM card

The eSIM technology opens the door to a new world of possibilities, helping you save time and money. Getting a new SIM card from local operators can be time-consuming, especially in airports full of people trying to do the same thing. The eSIM card helps you avoid this situation because it is very easy to buy online.

On the other hand, the eSIM card lets you save information on the cloud, and if you lose it or if your cellphone is stolen, you will be able to recover your information easily. This will let you avoid public WiFi networks that are unsafe and will help you stay away from cybercriminals.

Also, eSIM technology lets you store different eSIM data plans for different destinations, becoming one of the best alternatives for frequent travelers or for those who are planning to visit more than one country and want to connect to local networks that offer stability and a high-speed connection.

These are just some examples of the many benefits that international eSIM cards have to offer.

eSIM’s disadvantage

The main disadvantage of eSIM is that it is incompatible with many old-gen cellphones. It is a relatively new technology, so only the latest gen-devices support eSIMs. Before buying an eSIM card, we recommend you verify if your cellphone is eSIM compatible.

SIM cards to travel and connect to the internet

Thanks to big leaps in eSIM tech, prepaid SIM cards do not have many new features for 2023. It is expected that the eSIM card will become a SIM card replacement in the future.

Source: Freepik

However, we are going to show you the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional SIM card. It is one of the most accessible options in the world because you will find this alternative available at every cellular operator store or retail store, with multiple options to get a prepaid data plan with the internet, calls, and local SMS.

Additionally, you will need time to look for the option that best suits your needs and budget, and you also have to make sure that your cellphone is compatible with the operator you choose. Furthermore, it’s important to confirm that it offers great coverage to enjoy your cellular data wherever you are.

WiFi networks to connect during your flight

Airplane mode is a phrase that many travelers hear when they get onto a plane, but nowadays, it is expected to disappear. Why? Because many airliners from different parts of the world are starting to improve the connectivity experience during their flights, to bring technological solutions to their flyers.

That’s the reason why in this 2023, many airlines like American Airlines, Iberia, Air China, Air Europe, Lufthansa, JetBlue, AeroMexico, Iberia, Emirates, and more, are going to offer onboard WiFi service. Depending on the terms and conditions of each company, the WiFi will be free, or you will be able to get a paid plan to check your email, send messages, listen to music or play online games with little restrictions.

Will you pay for the WiFi onboard service?

For many travelers, the free WiFi networks available at the airport will remain the best alternative to get internet during their trips, but this option is only recommended if you will be connected for a short time. Please keep in mind not to provide any important personal information like passwords or bank account numbers.

Roaming service to get internet and make calls during your trip

For many years roaming service has been one of the best alternatives of all time for people who travel around the world and want to remain connected to the internet and make calls without many restrictions.

While planning your trip, it is very important to decide on a budget for cellular data, calls, and SMS services, to keep in touch with your loved ones, or you will end up having to accept the terms and services from your domestic operator to use the connectivity services they have available. This can come at a high cost that may surprise you at the end of your trip with an invoice much higher than you expected.

For many destinations, you will find multiple options also offered by local cellular providers that will let you make calls, send texts and connect to the internet. The prices will depend on your destination. Some of them will be more expensive than others.

Pocket WiFi for travel abroad

Source: Linio

Any of these devices will be a great option to connect to the internet for those travelers who are not traveling alone and want to offer cellular data to other devices. Many digital nomads include them in their work kit, with other things such as a portable keyboard, headphones, a power bank, and more stuff that are useful when teleworking.

The only problem with this option is that if you lose it or if it is stolen, you won’t be able to recover it, and you will have to buy or rent another device/service.

Did you know these alternatives to connect to the internet during your trip?

There is no doubt that in 2023 we will find many reliable alternatives that will let us improve our connection experience during our travels. Apart from the technological advances of airlines looking forward to offering WiFi onboard, eSIM or virtual SIM cards are going to become very popular in the future, but if you are a frequent traveler, we recommend you try international eSIM for travel abroad. It is one of the best and cheapest options on the market. With the Holafly eSIM, you will be able to use unlimited data in the most frequent travelers destinations such as the USA, Europe, Mexico, and Turkey.