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Use cell phone in Thailand: How to do it?

If you need ideas to use your cell phone in Thailand and don't know which service is the best for you: here we are to help you choose!

Julio Osuna

August 24, 2023

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Many people want to keep everything as is on their phones when traveling. But there’s a doubt regarding this: how can people use their cell phones abroad? For example, how can they manage to use their cell phones when traveling to a place such as Thailand? That’s something we will talk about today!

If you have doubts regarding what we are saying here, you don’t have to worry much about it! We will tell you everything you need to properly use your cell phone and enjoy that trip you have been dreaming of for so long without any inconvenience!

Unlimited data eSIM for Thailand

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Will my phone work in Thailand?

We can say yes. Traveling abroad doesn’t mean people won’t be able to use their cell phones, but there will undoubtedly be some limitations. The thing here is how they will use it, especially when we talk about going to a new continent such as Asia, which is where Thailand is located.

First, you need to know whether your cellphone is compatible with the local networks of the place you are visiting. This is something you can find out before traveling as you can check which networks work on your device and which cellular networks operate in Thailand.

Besides this, you also need to look for information about roaming prices because if you decide to use roaming instead of other services, this is something you must keep in mind as much as you can.

Other than that, you are good to go. But, now you have to know which services are the best for you to take to Thailand when traveling to use your cell phone properly there and enjoy your trip as much as possible!

Do I need an international plan in Thailand?

You must know many things when traveling worldwide, such as in Thailand, especially if you want to know whether you have to take an international cellular plan or not, as this is a doubt many people have!

The short answer here for us is a total yes. People need to have an international plan for their cell phones to work in Thailand with cellular data, and they can avoid using roaming services!

Being connected has become important for travelers, so having an eSIM for Phuket may be the best thing for you if you visit the islands of Thailand!

What are the International plans options for use cellphones in Thailand?

So far, we have briefly mentioned some services we can use in Thailand. But we haven’t discussed them as much as we should, which we will discuss right now.

Here, we will discuss eSIMs and SIM cards, as well as other alternatives that have become quite common in modern days to use among travelers. By knowing all about these services, it will get even easier for you to choose which service you prefer using on future trips!

Unlimited data eSIM for Thailand

eSIM with unlimited data for Thailand
eSIM with unlimited data in Thailand. Source: Holafly.

When we are talking about new services, one we must mention for sure is the eSIM cards. Undoubtedly, we can use them due to everything they offer and how easy they are to buy. That’s why we must mention it among the alternatives we can consider.

The first thing, and maybe the most important thing about the eSIM, comes with the fact it only works on last-gen devices. These devices scan the eSIMs through a QR code instead of inserting the eSIM on the phone in a physical port.

But, there are more advantages that we can talk about. For example, as we said, it only requires a QR code to be activated, and the buying process is simple to complete as it only takes less than 5 minutes!

As for prices, we can get an eSIM Thailand from Holafly, starting at $6 and going up to $139. The good thing is that people can choose the one they prefer according to how many days they will travel, and they will always have unlimited data to stay connected to the internet in Thailand! If you don’t decide, don’t worry. When you need more days, you can recharge thanks to the top-ups.

One of the most recent updates to these plans now allows you to share a portion of your data via hotspot, up to 500 MB per day for this feature.

Other very popular Holafly packages are the eSIM plans for tourism within Asia, with which you can be connected to several destinations if your adventure takes you beyond Thailand!

International SIM Card for Thailand

Now, it’s time to discuss the second alternative we have on our list. We are all familiar with what SIM cards do and how easy they are to use among many travelers, which is something great.

With physical SIM cards, we can also count on online stores. However, it is important to confirm that they can send the chip to our address before traveling. Also, even if you buy them from an international store the SIM will always use a local network to work. Make sure it is a reliable one with good coverage.

As for the coverage of these networks, they are established by the local telephone companies. In the case of Thailand, the most relevant are AIS, TrueMobile H & Dtac. You can buy in a physical store of one of these operators once you arrive in the country, although being a tourist can be complicated. You can find prices from 15$ and up to 55$ for a tourist SIM card.

Pocket WiFi for Thailand

Another one of the options we have in mind here comes with Pocket WiFi devices. They were quite famous among travelers back when eSIMs and SIM cards weren’t as popular as they are now among travelers. 

These devices can be either rented or bought. We recommend people rent them because it is easier to do, but the main disadvantage is how expensive the service is, as a simple Pocket WiFi can cost up to $400.

Other than this, we have different options, such as Travelers WiFi, Travel WiFi, Cello mobile, and many other options. It will depend on the company we choose to use, but we can tell prices vary from $60 to up to $349.99.

Free WiFi in Thailand

One of the alternatives we could use when traveling is free WiFi. We can find many free hotspots out there, but it will mostly depend on the travel we are traveling to. But in this case, Thailand is pretty renowned, to be fair.

Nonetheless, when using a free WiFi connection, there are some things we need to keep in mind, such as that your device can be hacked and your data stolen, among other things. It sounds crazy, but it can happen to anyone, so that’s something to remember.

Will my local Internet work in Thailand?

Maybe it will; maybe it won’t. It will depend on which networks the company uses, but in most cases, we can tell companies offer roaming services. But, in this particular case, it can be costly for some people. 

The roaming service is among the most expensive alternatives out there, as it can cost people up to $10 per day, which can change many things for people! 

Use cell phone in Thailand with AT&T

People traveling from America can rely on the AT&T cellular service. For those wondering, they have a data plan for people who need to stay connected, and it costs $10 per day, which is the regular price for these services.

Using your cell phone in Thailand with Vodafone

If you are traveling from Europe, then you can use Vodafone as one of your cellular providers. In this case, it has a price of $7.2 per day of usage due to the country, as roaming in Asia is more expensive than in other countries. So, that’s something you can keep in mind.

What is the best option for using your cell phone in Thailand?

Up to this point, we have talked about many different things. But, the time has come for us to choose which service is the best for us. We can tell that the Holafly eSIM for Thailand is the best one we discussed; both prices are pretty accessible, they are easy to get, and we can rely on how good the service is wherever we go.