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Mobile internet in Italy: What is the best option?

How can people access to mobile internet in Italy? Let's get to know all the available alternatives to use while traveling there!

Julio Osuna

October 26, 2023

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When traveling around the world, we need to consider many important things. Almost every single person would like to stay connected while doing it, but they might not know how to do it. Therefore, we have to talk about how to get mobile internet in Italy, as it is something many of us want to know.

Today, we will talk about the different methods travelers have available for accessing an internet connection while abroad. This will surely work as a guide for Italy, so keep an eye on everything we have to say here!

eSIM for Italy

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Mobile internet in Italy

Thanks to the different options people have available nowadays, having internet in different countries is something easy to achieve. There’s nothing to worry about from now on as there are many things that have changed in how to get mobile internet in Italy.

All these options can help people to stay connected wherever they go, which happens to be quite a good alternative. Among the options we can tell, we can’t forget to mention the eSIM and SIM cards.

There are other options available as well, such as the classic ones old travelers used back in the day. Roaming services and Pocket WiFi devices are still a thing, and they are also worth mentioning here.

But how can people actually choose the one that will suit them better? That’s actually the biggest question for us at this moment. 

Italy internet providers

Now that we have given a brief introduction to what internet providers there are available for people in Italy, it’s time to get into the details everyone wants to know. This will end up helping people to make a choice on which service is the best one for them when deciding how to get mobile internet in Italy.

Other than that, travelers might also need to remember what we will tell here when they get to travel to other destinations. The only things that will eventually change are the mobile data plans available and prices!

Prepaid SIM Card for Italy

International SIM cards are nowadays the most used alternative among travelers from all around the world. These SIM cards work in a different way than we used to see in the traditional ones, as they focus more on international coverage.

There are lots of ways people can get one, such as through official stores or through an online store. The final decision is mostly taken by the one who’s buying the SIM card, but most travelers will likely get one before traveling.

Other than that, it is important to tell that these SIM cards work with local mobile networks, which ensures the internet connection to everyone using one. It is not hard to understand, and it isn’t hard to get one as well.

In case you are wondering which options are available for people to use in Italy, here’s a brief list:

  • Vodafone: This company is among the most common mobile services used in Italy. With different plans and prices, it has shown to be a good alternative for locals.
  • Wind Tre: Wind Tre is closest to what Vodafone can offer to people, with prices that vary from 10 to more than 30 euros per plan.
  • Tim: The last company on our list also has different benefits for people and different plans to offer, which can vary from around 15 to 40 euros.

International eSIM for traveling to Italy

Nowadays, travelers worldwide are using a new alternative to stay connected wherever they go. These Italy eSIM cards are digital and can help out a lot to get a proper internet connection while traveling.

They are, basically, the evolution of the traditional SIM card. We will only need to buy it through an official store, and the next thing to do is to activate the service, which can be done within seconds with an internet connection.

Holafly eSIM home
Holafly home website.

Other than that, there’s nothing to actually worry about when using an eSIM. The service is simplified, and you won’t have to introduce a new SIM card to your cellphone to get an internet connection.

 But what can we expect when using an eSIM? Let’s see some of its benefits.

  • Cheaper than a roaming service.
  • Some allow you to share data
  • Works well with last-gen devices such as iPhones and similar.
  • Ensures a 4G connection while using it.
  • eSIMs can be used in smartwatches too.

The only thing that people have to keep in mind comes when we think about using a phone number, as some eSIMs don’t provide. And it will not also work on old devices due to the technology it uses. Other than that, it is an excellent service.

eSIM Italy by Holafly

Holafly is a company that is leading the way to include eSIMs in the traveling market more and more each day. They offer people the chance to buy one in more than 170 countries worldwide, and Italy is part of that list.

This eSIM works like a normal eSIM. To use it while traveling to Italy, people will need to buy it first, wait for the QR code to be received, and then activate the eSIM; it is quite a simple process.

If you want to use one, you won’t need to worry about not having a proper internet connection or customer support, because the Holafly eSIM Italy will always ensure that for you. Also, the Holafly eSIM now offers unlimited data and the ability to share 500 MB daily with a hotspot!

For now, there are eight different unlimited data plans available, and the prices vary from 6 to 139 USD depending on how many days people will be traveling to Italy. If you plan to visit another country close to Italy, the Europe eSIM data plan will be handy! But if you travel further afield, the prepaid eSIM for the UK could be your alternative.

Unlimited data eSIM for Italy
Holafly eSIM data plans. Source: Holafly.

So don’t forget if you travel to Spain or another country, consider an eSIM prepaid plan as an alternative to international roaming.

Roaming in Italy with your local operator

In case you want to be old-fashioned and take your local mobile company with you on your trip, then this is for you.


AT&T is a company that people can use when traveling around the world, thanks to their roaming service. 

The company offers people two different plans; one of them is the International Travel Pass which gives an internet connection and costs $10 per day. In case you want to make phone calls and don’t need mobile data on your trip, you can pay $15 for the phone calls-only plan.


Time to talk about T-Mobile. They offer people the chance to access their roaming services through three different plans.

As for now, these plans have a price that goes from 30 to 47 USD. Each one has its own benefits and gives people access to different data plans and different coverages as well.


For people living in the UK, Three is an alternative that people can use when traveling to other countries. Their roaming service in the UE is free, but their local plans can be a bit too expensive for some people.

Pocket Wifi for Internet in Italy

Another alternative to use in Italy is Pocket WiFi devices. These devices will give people an internet connection as long as they have a mobile data plan activated, and the devices should be within the renting days to work.

  • My Webspot: This company, located in Switzerland, gives people a chance to rent a device through their website within seconds. The price paid for the device varies on the number of days people will use it, but the most common plan costs around $56 for a week of usage.
  • Travel WiFi: Located in Spain, this company gives people the chance to rent a Pocket WiFi device and receive it in their houses with the delivery service they offer. Other than that, prices will vary from 56 to 90 USD for a week of usage.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi hotspots are always an alternative to using among people who are traveling around the world. This is something that can be found in hotels, restaurants, and similar places while being in a new country.

Using a free WiFi hotspot might be a good idea for some people, but it is important to consider the fact the connection will not always be there, so keep that in mind as you might need an alternative to fully stay connected to the mobile internet in Italy while traveling.