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Best eSIM for France: Which one to buy?

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Are you off to visit France soon? Lucky you – you’re sure to have a trip to remember, whether you’re visiting Paris, the charming countryside of Provence, or the historic city of Strasbourg. But have you thought about connecting to the internet while you are there? Well, in this guide we’ll explain why an eSIM for France is the perfect way to get online on your travels.

The eSIM, short for embedded SIM, is a virtual SIM card that allows you to connect to the internet by scanning a QR code. It is the newest and easiest way to connect to the internet when you are abroad. And without the costs for a physical card or delivery, it’s a cheap option too!

What you need to know about an eSIM for traveling to France

Modern travelers need to have reliable internet access. But data roaming is too expensive to rely on… so what’s the alternative? This is where the eSIM comes in – it offers fast internet connectivity but at a cheap price, so there are no surprise bills.

The eSIM (short for embedded SIM) is a virtual SIM card that offers internet and calls. Currently, few phones are compatible with eSIM technology, but experts predict it will be the future of cellular technology.

But how does the eSIM work? Well, all you have to do is scan a QR code, activate your data plan and you’ll be connected to the internet – there are no long forms to fill in or contracts to sign and no fiddly installation process.

Once you buy your eSIM for France, it will arrive in your emails in seconds – so you can connect no matter where you are. This makes it a more convenient option than a traditional SIM because there’s no waiting around for your card to be delivered. The whole process can be completed in minutes.

This makes connecting to the internet abroad easier than ever! Just check that your phone is compatible with this revolutionary technology.

Where can I buy an eSIM for travel to France?

So if you are ready to buy your eSIM, it’s time to compare the companies that offer an eSIM for France. Here are the main providers:

How much data can I get when I travel to France?

So now we know the providers, let’s take a look at the plans and prices that these companies offer for an eSIM to France.

Plans and prices from Holafly in France

Plans and prices from WifiMap in France

Plans and prices from TravelSIM in France

Comparison of eSIM providers in France

ProviderDataDaysPrice (USD)Sales channels
WifiMap 1GB 30$5.90 Web, Play store, App Store
TravelSIM 1GB5$11.59 Web
TravelSIM 3GB14$24.33 Web
TravelSIM 3GB30$28.33 Web
Table 1. Comparison of eSIM providers to connect to the internet in France

Advantages of the eSIM card vs a physical SIM card

Now we know what an eSIM is, let’s find out why it’s better than a physical SIM card:

Cell phone providers and manufacturers are adopting the eSIM at a fast rate. Don’t get left behind – join the eSIM revolution now!

eSIM coverage to travel to France

One of the most important things to consider when buying an eSIM is how good the coverage will be. We recommend using an eSIM like Holafly’s, which connects to the best networks in France.

That’s why you need to know what coverage each of the main cellular operators offers. Let’s take a look at coverage maps for Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Orange, and SFR.

4G & 5G coverage map of Bouygues Telecom in Francia

Mapa de cobertura de Bouygues Telecom en Francia
Bouygues Telecom imap of coverage n France. Source: Bouygues Telecom

4G & 5G coverage map of Free Mobile in France

Mapa de cobertura de Free Mobile en Francia
Free Mobile coverage map in Francia. Source:

4G & 5G coverage map of Orange in France

Mapa de cobertura de Orange en Francia
Orange coverage map in France. Source:

4G & 5G coverage map of SFR in France

Mapa de cobertura de SFR en Francia
SFR map of coverage in France. Source:

FAQs about the eSIM for France

How else can I connect to the internet in France?

If you don’t have a phone compatible with eSIM, the best option is to buy a physical data SIM for France from Holafly. It comes with all the advantages of the eSIM, but it’s a physical card that you have to insert into your cell phone manually. You’ll receive the card within 3 days with free delivery. There are other options such as paying for data roaming from your current provider but this is very expensive.

How do I know how much data I need to travel?

This depends on what you plan to use the internet for when you travel. Watching an hour-long show on Netflix might take up a GB of data, but simpler tasks like searching for directions or Google searches won’t use up more than a few MB at a time. If you’re planning on downloading or streaming videos on your trip, you’ll need a data plan with a lot of data.

How can I share data with my France eSIM?

You can share your data by turning on your cellphone’s hotspot or WiFi zone. See your cell phone’s manual for more instructions. Your travel companions will be able to connect through the WiFi settings on their phones.

What if I can’t set up the eSIM for France?

All eSIMs come with clear and comprehensive instructions. But if you have any problems, you can contact Holafly’s 24-hour customer support team, who’ll solve any issues no matter where you are.