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eSIM for Switzerland: which one to buy?

Switzerland is a small country that stands out for being one of the most developed countries on the European continent. Here are the headquarters of the world’s most influential organizations such as FIFA, UN and the International Red Cross. If you travel for tourism or to learn something new, the best thing is that you are connected to the internet, and an excellent way to do this is through an eSIM to travel to Switzerland.

Here we will compare companies that offer eSIM for Switzerland. We will evaluate aspects such as price, amount of data, days of use, language support, and smartphones’ compatibility. Remember that to enjoy this technology; you will need to have an eSIM-compatible mobile; if you do not have one, you can purchase a SIM for Switzerland.

Why an eSIM card for Switzerland?

If you already have an eSIM compatible cell phone, you can have the privilege of activating a virtual SIM on your mobile. This card prevents you from paying for the expensive roaming for Switzerland no matter where you are because the purchase and reception process is done through the internet.

Another good reason to choose an eSIM for Switzerland is to allow you to continue using your local SIM on your mobile. That is, you will not need to remove the chip from your local carrier as your phone becomes a dual SIM. It will help you if you need to receive an international message on your local SIM card from your bank.

What is the best eSIM to travel to Switzerland?

To help you choose the best option, we have made a comparative table of the main aspects of an eSIM. Among them are the price, the amount of data offered, the days of use, the quality of support, and compatibility with iOS and Android mobiles. The companies to be evaluated are GigSky, Knowroaming, au by KDDI, and MTX Connect.

Holafly303GB34€EnglishiOS / Android
Holafly305GB44€EnglishiOS / Android
Gigsky305GB43€EnglishiOS / Android
Knowroaming305GB55€EnglishiOS / Android
au by KDDI305GB47€EnglishiOS
MTX Connect3010GB60€EnglishiOS / Android
Comparative table of eSIM cards for Switzerland between: Holafly, Gigsky, Knowroaming, au by KDDI y MTX Connect.

Best eSIM price for Switzerland

The alternative that has the lowest price in the comparison is Gigsky that gives you 5 GB of data at 43 KDDI, follows it by 5GB of data at 47 Euros, and finally, there is Knowroaming, which offers you 5GB of data for 30 days for 55 Euros.

Support in English to activate your Switzerland eSIM

None of the alternatives have support in English, so if you do not master this language, you can learn how to activate an eSIM on an iPhone or the devices compatible with virtual SIM. Don’t miss it!

eSIM with more data in Switzerland

The option with the most data for 30 days is provided by the company MTX Connect, which has 10 GB of data available for a price of 60

The most user-friendly eSIM for Switzerland

The easiest alternatives are those that do not require an extra component to work. Knowroaming is an option where you can purchase the web, and they will send it to your email without the need to install applications to your phone.

Buy Switzerland SIM card

If you don’t have an eSIM-compatible mobile phone, buy a Switzerland SIM card from here

Advantages of the eSIM card compared to the conventional physical SIM.

The main advantage that an eSIM has over a traditional SIM card is the way in which we acquire it. By simplifying the process and saving time waiting for shipments or avoiding setbacks that can occur in the transport companies for great reasons such as weather or traffic. Below we will detail other advantages that an eSIM has over a physical card:

esim to travel to switzerlando working
eSIM Switzerland. Source: Holafly

Which carriers support eSIM in Switzerland?

This country is a pioneer in the implementation of new technologies. This is clearly reflected if we look at the carriers who have eSIM. Since most of them already have eSIM to activate on iPhone or Android compatible phones. Below we list the carriers that support eSIM in Switzerland:

eSIM for Switzerland, which card to buy?

After seeing the comparison table, you can choose the alternative that best suits your needs in terms of quantity of data or support. Please note that in some companies, you will have to install an application and register in order to enjoy their service.

The simplest options are those in which you don’t have to install anything, and you make the purchase through the web, and they send you the QR code to your email.

Frequently Asked Questions about eSIM for Switzerland

How can I connect to the internet in Switzerland if my cell phone is not compatible with eSIM?

If your cell phone is not compatible with eSIM, the most convenient option is to buy a data SIM card for Switzerland. You can also choose to use the free WiFi of this country or rent a MiFi, although it will probably be more expensive.

Can I share data with my eSIM?

Most eSIM cards allow you to share data similar to a WiFi pocket.

Discover Switzerland with your eSIM card! Share in your social networks the adventure of the most amazing places in Switzerland in an easy way, without surprises in your bill, without shipping costs, and with the simplicity of the eSIM data for Switzerland.