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Best Pocket Wifi for China: How much does it cost?

Regarding Pocket WiFi for China, there are many options to consider. Here you will learn everything about each one of them!

6 września, 2023

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When we want to discuss tourism in Asia, we cannot leave China aside. The Asian giant is one of the biggest tourist destinations on the continent, so you must have a Pocket WiFi device with you in China to enjoy your stay.

By having a portable WiFi in your hands, you can enjoy an internet connection wherever you go, and the best of all is that you can get several options to do so, and that is just what we are going to see.

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What is a Pocket WiFi?

If you have never heard of Pocket WiFi devices before, there is no need to be alarmed because this is something simpler than you actually think. The first thing you need to know about this service is that it is typically effortless to use and can be used anywhere.

These portable gadgets can be rented or purchased. Generally people prefer to rent these gadgets or devices as a cheaper option. Besides these options, there are other services available offered by many other companies, the Pocket WiFi is just one of the many.

When utilizing Pocket WiFi, users need to be mindful of several things, just like they would with any other service. Having this information handy might be useful if you’re getting ready to utilize one for the first time.

However, there are some additional factors worth reading and considering, such as costs, locations where they may be available, and a variety of other things. Let’s move on, though, and see what else there is to discover about Pocket WiFi.

How much does Pocket WiFi for China cost?

When visiting China, you have plenty of options for staying connected. Pocket WiFi devices and services come in different packages or connectivity options, specifications can even vary simply because of where the parent company is located. That’s why we can’t tell you that every option out there is the same!

We must extensively discuss the particularities and features of each provider that offers Pocket WiFi cellular services in China. We’ll take a look at the potential benefits of each of the solutions suggested. So, pay close attention to everything we have to say today!


BeFreeTour is an Indonesian firm that provides customers with the option to rent Pocket WiFi at a variety of tourist destinations.

We should start by mentioning the pricing, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. A week’s worth of travel in China will cost $31.15, which is a reasonable price for those who want portable WiFi.

Regarding shipping and pickup, these are aspects that a bit more difficult to deal with. Before your trip, keep in mind that the company only offers the option to pick up your equipment at a Chinese airport. Compared to other companies, they don’t offer a delivery service!

The company’s website offers credit card and PayPal payment options for customers.

The last aspect of this business worth mentioning is the fine imposed if a device is lost or damaged. Although the loss/damage fee amount is unknown, BeFreeTour penalizes employees who misplace their Pocket devices, so it is advisable to .be very cautious and keep an eye out on your device.


Travelers who want to see a lot of Asia have a great choice in Roamingman, which is based in Malaysia.

The company’s pricing is difficult to match due to their extremely affordable service. People will have to pay just over $25 for a week’s use. The cost is quite low, and only a few businesses could provide a comparable service, yet the service’s limitations might not be appealing to some travelers.

People can choose to pick up their devices at various Chinese airports, or they can ask for delivery after they have arrived in the country. But, the delivery service can be pretty expensive depending on where you’re located!

At least, the payment process is not complicated at all. Currently, the business only accepts credit cards—Visa or Mastercard—as payment methods.

Finally, it’s important to note that the business penalizes customers for both late return deliveries and lost equipment. While the second penalty costs $86 for losing one of its equipment, the first penalty will be determined once it is restored.

Rent n’ Connect

Even though Rent n’ Connect’s services are mostly focused on Europe, China is also included on the list of countries where you may rely on its service.

Compared to other locations, there are slightly increased prices of Pocket WiFi in China, although this is not a significant change. People will have to pay little over than 75 USD for a week of use, which is still reasonable.

The easiness of renting the device days in advance is a benefit of Rent n’ Connect and will be helpful if you wish to arrive in China with everything ready. The shipping cost varies based on the location, which can go from 5 to 15 euros.

When it comes to payments, the business accepts a variety of payment options from customers. Credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe are just a few of the payment methods that Rent n’ Connect offers.

The company does impose fines on customers who misplace their equipment. On its website, the pricing is not totally disclosed, though. This could indicate a price range of 130 to 190 euros following other companies’ prices on their penalties.

Travel WiFi

One of the major players in the European telecom industry is travel WiFi. They essentially allow people to stay linked worldwide thanks to their Pocket WiFi devices!

Travel WiFi is a fantastic choice to consider if you’re looking for Pocket WiFi in China. The company charges $63.6 for a week of use, and their pricing doesn’t vary all that much.

Solving the delivery problem is not too difficult either. They ship everywhere in the world, albeit the costs vary slightly depending on the location, costing between $3 and $29.

Customers can pay through various payment methods that the business offers, including PayPal and credit cards.

Finally, Travel WiFi imposes a fee for equipment loss. Users will be responsible for paying the corporation between $149 and $199 if they lose a Travel WiFi Pocket WiFi.

Pocket WiFi Alternatives

Even if China has a wide variety of portable WiFi options, it is always a good idea to have a couple of options that are less well-known. This implies that there are other solutions on the market, some of which might even be better quality.

We can list a total of three additional alternatives. An eSIM data card, a data SIM card, and free WiFi. Any of them could be wise, but the top two stand out the most.

Beijing, China. Source: Unsplash

Unlimited data eSIM for China

Another choice that resembles the data SIM card very closely is the eSIM. Nothing needs to be entered into our phone in order for this card to work because it is totally digital.

The eSIM makes the same thing as SIM cards, even if we don’t require physical space on your cellphone. The best part about all this is how easy it is to obtain these cards, the multiple benefits they offer, and how rates vary based on different destinations and locations. The Holafly unlimited data eSIMs for China is an excellent option to use with great quality.

China Prepaid SIM Card

If anyone says that they haven’t used a SIM card before, that’s probably a lie. Most smartphone users have at least occasionally used one of these cards before in their lives.

Several options are available to travelers today, and one of those options can be a less expensive substitute for the expensive portable WiFi. Additionally, the purchase process is something effortless to complete. In most cases, you can count on online stores with international shipping and if you are not related to internet shopping you can get one in China through a local operator.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi is the final choice on our list because it is available practically everywhere we go. But, free connections aren’t always advantageous, though.

This is a fantastic idea for momentary use but not for establishing a long-term connection. Therefore, it is wise always to have a backup plan available to ensure connectivity while traveling.

Which is better?

eSIM for China
eSIM with unlimited data in China. Source: Holafly.

Making the final choice is crucial so that clients can accurately decide which service they can rely on. Prices and other important topics have been briefly covered, but each service has pros and cons.

So, which service do we recommend? The eSIMs from Holafly are a wise choice because of all they provide. In addition, they are easy to buy and less expensive than a Pocket WiFi subscription.