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Portable WiFi routers with eSIM for international travel

Need to know more about how the eSIM router works and where to get one? Here's all the information you need to know about it!

mars 22, 2023

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When it comes to traveling, getting an internet connection is a really good idea. Nowadays, eSIMs have been taking over the telecommunications market and interrupting the industry, and day by day, more devices implement them, such as portable WiFi eSIM routers.

Nonetheless, these devices might not be the best alternative for some people. These portable devices can end up being quite expensive, and that’s something people need to keep in mind when figuring out whether to use one or not. 

There are different advantages regarding the use of these devices, like the ease of sharing the internet. But there are also downsides, like its cost and the battery.

Therefore, it is necessary to give people all the information needed to understand how these work and what is the best alternative when using them.

International eSIM

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What is a travel router?

People don’t need to have a hard time thinking about what a travel router is. These are similar to the famous pocket WiFi devices that are still used by some travelers nowadays, the difference is that they are improved versions.

The travel router is basically the same WiFi router people surely have at home. These are just about the same and will work in the same way, providing travelers with an internet connection as long as it is available. 

What makes it a suitable alternative for traveling, for some people, it’s the size of the device. It is portable, and it makes it better for the user to carry with them when traveling. Also, some of these devices can either work with local WiFi hotspots or use an eSIM to provide an internet connection when traveling.

Currently, travelers can find different types of travel routers, and they will vary in size and what they offer to customers. The most common type is a router the size of a phone charger, but there are other options that are similar to a credit card in size.

How travel routers with eSIM work

Let’s talk a bit about the router with eSIM technology. This might sound like something crazy due to eSIMs being mostly used on cellphones, but this is a huge step forward for communications as consumers can now either rent or buy one of these devices and buy eSIMs from their favorite providers and take them while traveling if they don’t have a cellphone compatible with eSIM.

What this device will make differently is that buyers will be able to use the eSIM through a WIFi connection rather than directly installing the eSIM on the device. This option is great for those who don’t have a device that supports eSIMs!

Along with the device, theres also a charger and an instructions guide on how to use it. 

Which router providers support eSIM?

One of the things buyers might be wondering up to this point comes with the fact of where they can get an eSIM router because finding a portable WiFi router for international travel isn’t something hard to do, but finding one that supports eSIMs can actually be a headache for others.

There’s no doubt this is a great alternative to stay connected without needing to worry about the device you have in case it doesn’t have eSIM compatibility.

Also, it is important to mention these routers will work with great network speeds. A router WiFi 5G might be something available for travelers, but as for now, for eSIMs, these routers’ WiFi will work with 4G speeds.

MOGO S2 eSIM Global Mobile Router

MOGO S2. Source: MOGO

As for now, one of the few companies offering an actual portable router capable of integrating eSIM technology is MOGO. This device is quite similar to a cellphone. In fact, sometimes it’s easy to confuse it with a cellular device due to how its size and appearance. This device costs around $159 and comes with a charger.


  • 4G compatibility.
  • Pocket Size.
  • Buy online.
  • Share data.


  • You have to charge it.
  • The delivery price and taxes are not included in the cost.
  • You can only use the MOGO eSIM. It is incompatible with other international eSIM carriers.
  • You must wait for the delivery within 5-7 working days.

Keep in mind that if you are traveling soon and you have a cellphone that supports eSIM, maybe it is not a good idea to purchase one of these devices since the delivery time can be larger than you think, and it is too much expensive to buy a router and the eSIM data plan, that buy an international eSIM and use it on your smartphone.

Also, most MOGO eSIM data plans don’t offer unlimited data, so if you are traveling for work or you are planning to buy one of these devices to share data with many people, you may go out of data at any moment and the device will run off the charge faster for the number of people connected to it.

On the other hand, if you are an adventure traveler maybe having another device with you is not the best idea as you may lose or damage the router and go out of internet while you are traveling.

MOGO S2 Specification. Source: MOGO

International eSIMs for travelers: A cheaper option

Holafly eSIM home
Holafly eSIM store. Source: Holafly

Currently, we’ve given you a lot of information and one common question that our customers come up with is: What option is better compared to an eSIM router? Keep in mind that the consumers don’t only have to purchase the router but they also have to pay for the data plan separately.

There’s one way to avoid this, and that is thanks to the eSIM. As said before, what makes eSIM routers a viable alternative is the fact that those without eSIMs compatible devices can use one through a WiFi connection, but they have to pay way more than expected.

But for those who can use an eSIM without having to worry much about it, the Holafly eSIM is the best option! This is due to everything the eSIM offers. It works in more than 100 countries, has unlimited data from $19 USD, the purchase process is quite simple, there’s an iOS app, you can Top UP your data plan, you will enjoy 24/7 customer support, and there’s a lot more offered by Holafly!

That’s what makes Holafly international eSIMs for travelers is the best option! So, as long as you have an eSIM-compatible device, buy one and forget about the expensive cost of the eSIM routers!

eSIM for Europe
Unlimited data eSIM for Europe. Source: Holafly store

Frequently asked questions about routers for traveling abroad

Can I use a portable WiFi router on a plane?

It depends on the airline you are traveling with. Some providers offer flyers the chance to stay connected to an internet connection while in the air, but others don’t! You can get to know more about which companies allow you to use a portable WiFi router here.

Are travel routers secure?

Yes. As eSIM routers use a private cellular network, there’s no need to worry about how it will work and who can connect to that network, as people can manage it and secure it in a few seconds.