How does dual-SIM work?

Dual SIM allows you to use two SIM/eSIM cards at the same time. Here are the ways you can use dual-SIM: With dual-SIM, you can use two SIMs at the same time - but what does that really mean? We usually use our SIM cards for calls, messages and data. Let's take a look at what dual-SIM means for each one: With dual-SIM, you can make and receive calls and messages with two different phone numbers. This is ideal if you have…

Is my phone "unlocked" to use eSIM?

Only unlocked cell phones can use eSIM. You should make sure that your phone is unlocked before you buy from Holafly's store. Here's how: Mobile phones rely on a carrier to make calls and connect to mobile data. Carriers allow your phone to connect to their network. If your phone is unlocked, it means it can connect to the network of any carrier. If your phone is locked, it means that as part of your contract your phone can only use the network from…

What is an eSIM?

eSIM is the virtual SIM card taking the tech world by storm. An eSIM is a small chip located on the inside of your cell phone that allows you to connect to the internet abroad at a cheap price. You just need to buy a data plan, scan a QR code and activate the eSIM to get online. Unlike a traditional SIM, you do not need to insert the card into your device. The whole process can be done online from your phone.

What is an international data plan?

An international data plan allows you to connect to the internet in multiple countries around the world. With a local plan, you can only connect to the internet in one country. So when you go abroad, you could be charged hundreds for basic internet use. That's why you need to buy an international data plan before you travel. With this plan, there's no need to worry about surprise phone bills: you get all the internet you need for a an upfront cost.

What is data roaming?

Data roaming allows you to use mobile data overseas, by connecting your phone temporarily to a nearby operator. However, this can be very expensive. When you go abroad, you’ll no longer be able to connect with your local provider, whose coverage does not extend beyond one country. So you’ll connect with an operator in the new country. You must activate Data Roaming from your phone’s settings to use data roaming. We do not recommend data roaming because it is incredibly expensive. In…