How to set up an eSIM on Samsung Galaxy?

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In this guide, we'll explain how to set up an eSIM on a Samsung Galaxy.

Setting up an eSIM on your Samsung Galaxy should only take a few minutes.

First, let's check you have what you need to set up the eSIM properly.

What you need to set up an eSIM on a Samsung Galaxy:

  • You must have purchased an eSIM plan - you can do this now
  • A QR code or activation code- you should have received a QR code after making the purchase
  • Internet connection 
  • A Samsung device compatible with eSIM

When should I install my eSIM for travel?

Don't set up your eSIM too early. eSIMs have a limited number of days attached to each data plan. Don't start the plan too soon or it won't last for your trip.

We recommend setting up the data plan the same day that you travel.

This could be before you leave, when you're still at home. Or once you've arrived in your destination. This is up to you - just remember you need WiFi connection to complete the set-up.

You might prefer to set up the eSIM earlier than this, so that you're in less of a rush. But remember that once the eSIM is set-up you cannot pause the plan so the days of validity will start counting down.

To work out the earliest date you can set up your eSIM, just subtract the length of the plan from the last day you'll need it.

For example, if you have a 15 day eSIM and you'll need it until the 15th July, you can set it up from the 1st July onwards - even if you're still at home on this date.

How to install an eSIM on your Samsung Galaxy

Or just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Connections

2. Go to SIM Card Manager - you will see a list of your current SIM cards

3. Select Add Mobile Plan

4. Press Add plan using QR code

5. Scan the QR code - your camera will open automatically

6. It will download automatically and you should see it installed on your SIM card manager

How to activate an eSIM on your Samsung Galaxy

  1. Go to Settings > Connections > SIM Card Manager
  2. Find the Holafly SIM card and switch it on 

3. Turn on Mobile Data (Settings > Connections > Data Usage)

4. Turn on Data Roaming (Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks)