I need more data - what can I do?

You cannot top up an eSIM or change the amount of data on the plan.

So what can you do if you need more data?

We know that having lots of data is important to you. So with our eSIMs you can combine different data plans. How does this work?

Buy multiple eSIMs for more data

You can buy several eSIMs if you need more data. How does this work?

Well, scan and set up the first eSIM as normal. Once you have used the first eSIM, scan the second eSIM and follow the same process.

Do not scan them both at the same time. eSIMs can only be used one at a time.

You do not need to delete the first eSIM once it has finished.


Can I just top-up my eSIM instead of buying another one?

This is not possible. You cannot top up your eSIM.