Why do I receive text messages on my eSIM?

Sometimes you will receive SMS messages from unknown numbers while you use the eSIM.

This might include messages in foreign languages, but these are nothing to worry about.

Here are some of the messages you might receive:

A message informing you that you have a UK number

This happens with eSIMs from Three UK (such as our eSIMs for Europe, amongst others). Our provider automatically assigns you a UK number, even if you are not in Britain. You do not need to worry about having the wrong product.

Although the phone has been assigned this number, you cannot use it to make calls or SMS.

Messages in Thai

Many of our eSIMs (such as Mexico, Argentina and plenty more) are powered by AIS, a network provider based in Thailand.

They send messages automatically when one of their eSIMs is activated. As they do not know the language of the user, they are written in Thai by default.

Some people worry that these messages may be malicious or spam, given that they are in a foreign language. But please don't worry. AIS is one of the world's biggest network providers in the world and they are simply regular messages welcoming you to the network.

I got a message and my eSIM stopped working

If you receive a message at the same time that your eSIM stops working, it could be a messaging informing that your data has run out. If you don't think you have used up your data, please check your current data period from your phone's settings. If it appears the eSIM plan has run out early, please inform us via our online chat or email

I'm worried about a message I received

Please report any concerns to our online chat or help@holafly.com. You can reach us by phone at +1 888 509 2045.